Once Upon a Robert Pattinson Encounter!

We meet again, Robert Pattinson. This is a night I will forever remember.

Let me start by saying, I was aware the last tour of FKA Twigs was set to be in Miami all because of my best friend's boyfriend. He is a fan of hers. I honestly respect Rob's personal life. I know he was dating her and that's about it. So when my friend told me she was coming down here, I started to pay attention whether if he will be following her or not. 

On the day of the concert, my friend texts me and reminds me the concert was tonight *date of concert*... minutes before I walked out of my house. Mind you, I was not dress appropriate nor had my gadgets with me. (Trust me, I have good ones).

As the day proceeded, I kept going on Twitter to see if there were any signs of Rob following her down here. By noon, someone tweeted he was previously in Orlando with her. Okay - that was my go. I bought the ticket and told my friends I would meet them.

5pm comes and I am off work. I checked Twitter and guess what?! There are pictures of Rob and Twig in Miami. I was overjoyed even if I had to drive an hour south with heavy traffic. He is SO WORTH driving down to the hell of Miami.

An hour plus minutes, I arrived... with no parking money! I was completely unprepared. No camera, no money with business attire and my iPhone 6. Yup, so unprepared for this concert.

Walked in, got a beer and told my friends to keep their eyes open for ROB. Thankfully, they are used to my craziness. I've been to 5 World Premiere all because of him.

  • Remember Me
  • Eclipse
  • Water for Elephant
  • Breaking Dawn Pt. 1
  • Breaking Dawn Pt. 2
Along with many other events. So yeah... they know I will stay out while it is freezing and RAINING and get SICK just for Robert Pattinson. 

So yeah about this concert.... I still do not know who performed that night. My attention was only to Rob! LOL

The thing about this is Twig was late. EXTREMELY LATE. I wanted to leave but I am glad I stayed. It was a little over 11pm when she finally walked out. The moment the lights went off, I looked over the side of the stage and spotted him. I GOT EAGLE EYES FOR ROB. I walked to his area and stood behind him while I freaked out texting my friend that I'd found him. 

I tried getting pictures but he is so tall and it was dark, I couldn't see where I was pointing. This is why I needed my gadgets. 


I couldn't wait and I asked him for a picture... Unfortunately it didn't come out as I hoped as the other pictures.  

Though I did not get the picture, I'd finally met DRUNK Rob. He was the one I wanted to meet for so long. He is as adorable as ever. He's funnier (per fans encounters) and just simply irresistible. I was inner fangirling and I just couldn't believe I was now in front/next to him. 

Throughout Twigs' performance, Rob was clapping and cheering for her. Someone told him he should be proud of her, he said yes. It was adorable just seeing his devotion to her. 

But my favorite part of the night was when he defended his fans. Like seriously, ROB IS PERFECT! I know some of us are insane but Rob appreciates our devotions. I am proud to part of his 1%


As far at her performance, I tried getting some pictures. As mentioned, I am short, so it was hard to get pictures while multiple of people are in front of you. 



Even if fans asked for pictures, Rob never said no. I know he wanted to enjoy the concert but to say the least, Rob you are pretty amazing to your fans. AND WE ALL THANK YOU!

At the end of the concert, my friend shook Rob's hand and told him - "You have great taste in music". Rob's face was priceless but it will be a moment I will forever remember.


  1. Wow sounds so insane but you got to meet him! You're so cute haha~

  2. You LUCKY gal!! I have a mad crush on him. Jeez, that picture of him with that stare down is priceless. He's beautiful. Don't shoot me but I'm not a fan of Twigs's music but as long as he's happy that's all that matters. Thank you for sharing your story. I would drive there for him too. ;)


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