Double Book Review: The Problem With Crazy and Eleven Weeks by Lauren K. McKellar

The Problem With Crazy
Crazy In Love #1
Author: Lauren K. McKellar
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Released: December 28, 2014
Review Source: Amazon Digital Services

The problem with crazy is that crazy, by itself, has no context. It can be good crazy, bad crazy ... or crazy crazy—like it was when my ex-boyfriend sung about me on the radio.

Eighteen-year-old Kate couldn’t be more excited about finishing high school and spending the summer on tour with her boyfriend’s band. Her dad showing up drunk at graduation, however, is not exactly kicking things off on the right foot—and that’s before she finds out about his mystery illness, certain to end in death.
A mystery illness that she could inherit.
Kate has to convince everyone around her that her father is sick, not crazy. But who will be harder to convince? Her friends? Or herself?

The Problem With Crazy is a story about love and life; about overcoming obstacles, choosing to trust, and learning how to make the choices that will change your life forever.

Kate has just graduated high school and has the entire summer looking bright and fun while heading out with her boyfriend on the tour she organized for his band. But, then her drunk dad shows up and her plans do a complete 180. He's sick...and it's hereditary.

While The Problem With Crazy didn't win me over entirely, it definitely gently tugged at my heartstrings during several scenes. The plot is great! I couldn't put the book down because there were so many questions asked towards the beginning of the book that I needed answers to.

The strong suit of this book is definitely it's characters. McKellar did an outstanding job creating these characters! First, Kate- man, oh man she is such a raw character. The way she handled each obstacle throughout the story was very real and believable. Not once did she annoy me. Dave, on the other hand..I never thought it possible to hate a fictional character so much. He is the king of jerks! No, he is definitely not the swoon-worthy bad boy type. He is the definition of ignorance. My blood is still boiling. The "other guy" that becomes the love interest is a sweet heart! The only reason I will not say his name is because McKellar definitely builds up the reveal of his name in the book! But, he is the cutest, philosophical, dorky glasses wearing heartthrob!

There were so many twists and turns in this book that you wouldn't expect. I felt all the emotions! Happiness, anger, sadness, and joy.

The next installment in the Crazy In Love series, Eleven Weeks, focuses on Stacy, Kate's best friend.

Eleven Weeks
Crazy In Love #2
Author: Lauren K. McKellar
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Released: January 28, 2015

Seven shots

Five siblings

Two boys

One heartbeat …


Stacey is good at pretending.

She pretends that the boy she's in love with doesn't exist.

She pretends that she's happy to live and die in this small town.

She pretends that her life is carefree while her best friend's world crumbles before her very eyes.

But Stacey's got a secret ...

And it's going to ruin everything.

Eleven Weeks takes place during the same time The Problem With Crazy took place, only it's in Stacy's point of view. We get to go through her drama this time, and boy is it a ride!

I definitely found myself enjoying Eleven Weeks more. I found Stacy's voice more fun and easier to read. I loved her quick wit in The Problem With Crazy and I couldn't wait to get into her head with this book.

There were so many things wrong with this book that were so right! I don't mean wrong in a bad way. I mean Stacy is a hot mess and hot mess Stacy had my heart. She's so good at pretending she almost had me fooled at times. She's labeled as the blonde bimbo and is seen as being very sexually active. But, homegirl brings that upon herself. I was cheering her throughout the whole book. If she could hear me this is what I was saying "Stacy stop tearing yourself down!"

The only character I was worried about in this book, other than Stacy, was Michael. I fell for him immediately! He was a breath of fresh air every time he came around. I knew when he was mentioned that I'd enjoy the particular scene very much.

Overall I loved Eleven Weeks and I loved the way McKellar intertwined these two books! Genius! Now I can't wait to pick up the third installment of this series, The Problem With Heartache!

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