It's A Muggle Monday Reccomendation!

We are not wizards or witches, but muggles. We don't live in a magical world... Hogwarts is not home. But don't let this put you down. We don't need magic to transform our world. We have thousands lives to explore and dystopian worlds to travels. From the words of JK Rowling, "The stories we love the best live in us forever".

It's a Muggle Monday Recommendation is a new weekly meme hosted by Once Upon a Twilight in hope that this story will cast a spell over you and live with you forever.

This week I'm suggesting one of the many things I fangirl over.

The Hunger Games was my gateway into the fangirling world-I had always fangirled over books and movies prior to it but The Hunger Games was the first Red Carpet premiere I had attended, and boy did my life change. I wouldn't of met half of the people I know today if it weren't for the red carpet-I probably wouldn't even be a book reviewer if it weren't for my snap decision to attend The Hunger Games premiere. So for that this series holds a special place in my heart.

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