Blogoversay Giveaway: Movie-Themed Prize Pack(s) Fun!!!

OUaT's blogoversay celebration continues!!!

You have noticed that OUaT has become more than just a review site, we have been covering for sometime now movies. We try to stay focused on book adaptations but we don't limit ourselves. Regardless its pushed OUaT, beyond what we are 5 years ago when we started. So its only fitting that this giveaway be themed around movies. 

Check out all our previous OUaT blogoversay posts, if you haven't yet. 

So our awesome friends at ALLIED, that are located in the Houston office donated generously some movie items to share with our readers. What exactly, well thats a surprise really and how many also. We might choose more than one winner. 

P.S.: I'll share a secret, we cant tell you what it is because its hasn't arrived yet, so until it does, I dont have a clue what exactly you will be winning and how many we have to share, just know that it will be awesome. Allied knows how to promote their movies well. So expect something like DVDs, books, posters, etc...

  • Box will contain all sorts of movie-themed goodies!
  • US Only

1 comment:

  1. Ooo really interested to know what it is :) Thanks for the chance & happy blogoversay!


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