Book Review: Finding Jake by Bryan Reardon

Finding Jake
Author: Bryan Reardon
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Mystery
Released: February 24th 2015
Review Source: William Morrow & Company

A heart-wrenching yet ultimately uplifting story of psychological suspense in which a parent is forced to confront what he does—and does not—know about his teenage son, in the vein of Reconstructing Amelia, Defending Jacob, and We Need to Talk about Kevin.

While his successful wife goes off to her law office each day, Simon Connolly takes care of their kids, Jake and Laney. Now that they are in high school, the angst-ridden father should feel more relaxed, but he doesn't. He’s seen the statistics, read the headlines. And now, his darkest fear is coming true. There has been a shooting at school.

Simon races to the rendezvous point, where he’s forced to wait. Do they know who did it? How many victims were there? Why did this happen? One by one, parents are led out of the room to reunite with their children. Their numbers dwindle, until Simon is alone.

As his worst nightmare unfolds, and Jake is the only child missing, Simon begins to obsess over the past, searching for answers, for hope, for the memory of the boy he raised, for mistakes he must have made, for the reason everything came to this. Where is Jake? What happened in those final moments? Is it possible he doesn’t really know his son? Or he knows him better than he thought?

Brilliantly paced, Finding Jake explores these questions in a tense and emotionally wrenching narrative. Harrowing and heartbreaking, surprisingly healing and redemptive, Finding Jake is a story of faith and conviction, strength, courage, and love that will leave readers questioning their own lives, and those they think they know.

Finding Jake is a psychological thriller, with a dark-twisted plot.

As a stayed home father, Simon has raised his children, Jake and Laney, while his wife pursues her career as an attorney. He has done great job. So is what he thought. Until one day, his worst nightmare occurred, a school shooting. This is the moment in which Simon begins to questioned his parental control. Did he do a good job raising Jake? As he sees parents reunit with their children, he begins to worry. Where is Jake? Who did this? But his world is about to fall apart. He receives news - Jake is somewhat involved.

Finding Jake raises a lot of questions. How much control should a parent apply into their child’s life? It’s a nightmare. Parent second guessing their abilities as a parent. Who is really responsible of such actions?

This book portraits such realistics events. It makes readers second guess things but most of all it makes readers empathize with Simon. As his wife begins to blame him for his parental role, one begins to see that this is a team effort - parenting. Even so, the one to blame is the person who took the action.

Finding Jake is a well written, short, and dark tale. However, a memorable story.

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  1. wow, I love thriller reads especially psychological ones. This sounds like a very good reading. It seems like something that will keep me constantly thinking. Great review! I'm adding this to my TBR :)

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project


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