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Welcome to our stop on the ASA blog tour stop. The Marked Men series is written by Jay Crownover. 

Marked Men Series #6
Author: Jay Crownover
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Romance | Contemporary
Released: April 21, 2015
Review Source: Harper Collins | William Morrow

Jay Crownover’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling Marked Men series continues with the much anticipated story of southern charmer and certified criminal Asa Cross. Starting over in Denver with a whole new circle of friends and family, Asa Cross struggles with being the man he knows everyone wants him to be and the man he knows he really is. A leopard doesn’t it change its spots and Asa has always been a predator. He doesn’t want to hurt those who love and rely on him, especially one luscious arresting cop who suddenly seems to be interested in him for far more than his penchant for breaking the law. But letting go of old habits is hard, and it’s easy to hit bottom when it’s the place you know best. Royal Hastings is quickly learning what the bottom looks like after a tragic situation at work threatens not only her career but her partner’s life. As a woman who has only ever had a few real friends she’s trying to muddle through her confusion and devastation all alone. Except she can’t stop thinking about the sexy southern bartender she locked up. Crushing on Asa is the last thing she needs but his allure is too strong to resist. His long criminal record can only hurt her already shaky career and chasing after a guy who has no respect for the law or himself can only end in heartbreak. A longtime criminal and a cop together just seems so wrong . . . but for Asa and Royal, being wrong together is the only right choice to make.

Sometimes a great thing has to come to an end.  But as I was quickly reminded, it's just another beginning of something else, just as great.  Reading comes in all different categories.  For school.  For work.  For pleasure and even at times when you have to push through when it really isn't "that read" for you.  You know, the read that you can never take your eyes off of.  The one that you find yourself reading instead of eating during your lunch break.  The one that when 2:00 AM rolls around, you do everything you can to keep your eyes open for just 5 more minutes.  It's the one you can't wait to hashtag the title and the author on all social media platforms to get the word out.  It's the book that leaves you, in some cases, in a big ball of watery emotions when it ends.  Maybe that picture isn't strong enough.  For Asa, I was a huge sloppy mess when "Book Completed" appeared on my Kindle.  

The final book in the series is Asa's story.  Following the series since book 1, I knew it was coming.  I just wasn't prepared for the way Jay Crownover would craft his story.  Asa and Royal have the chemistry.  However, acting on that chemistry is the element of concern.  They both come with issues that are like heavy stones weighing them down everyday.  Asa's story is about growth and the leading lady that assists him in embracing it.  Asa and Royal truly needed each other, they just didn't know how to fully make it happen.  

As an only child, there were times growing up when I wished I had that sibling that I could bounce ideas, thoughts and feelings off of.  Thankgoodness for those close friends that filled in.  It's kind of how I think of the The Marked Men Series.  There is one word to describe it, connection.  Connection of family and friends.  Once you are in, you are in for life.  No matter the challenges, past or the here in now.  There was always someone in Crownover's world ready to step in and get it done.  It was the kind of world that you wished truly existed up the street.  A world that you're hoping one of the members just invites you in to hang out for awhile.  As Jay Crownover's fans truly love her Marked Men and the ladies by their side.  

It was the carefully crafted details of every single life story that kept me wanting more.  It's more than a romantic tale of lives broken and fixed.  It's a series of how relationships stand during the storm.  It's the notion of how you are never in it alone.  It's about the commitment that her characters have for one another.  Lastly, Jay Crownover writes with such a realistic and inner soul style of written expression, that the tone of her novels whispers: embrace individuality, embrace indifferences, embrace those that love you and above all, embrace self.  As I stated before this end, is simply another beginning as Jay has more life stories to tell.
Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men series. She also introduced the dark and sexy world of The Point in a new series this last summer starting with BETTER WHEN HE's BAD. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she'll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.

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  1. I keep hearing about this series, I think I really should finally read it!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He's got classic tats in all black, not too many and he's got the right body to display them.

  3. Well, I haven't read the series (yet), but HOLY HELL BATMAN if Asa is anything like that cover model, then I'd say...HIM!!!! Phew!


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