Movie Review: Furious 7 - #VengeanceHitsHome


Release Date: April 3rd 2015
Director: James Wan
Writer: Chris Morgan
Main Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Elsa Pataky, Lucas Black, Djimon Hounsou, Tony Jaa, Ronda Rousey, Nathalie Emmanuel, with Kurt Russell, Jason Statham
Genres: Action | Crime | Thriller
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for prolonged frenetic sequences of violence, action and mayhem, suggestive content and brief strong language
Studio: Universal Pictures

Official Sites: Web | Facebook | Twitter | IMDb
Furious 7. Vengeance hits home. Continuing the global exploits in the unstoppable franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast of Furious 7. James Wan directs this chapter of the hugely successful series that also welcomes back favorites Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Elsa Pataky and Lucas Black. They are joined by international action stars new to the franchise including Jason Statham, Djimon Hounsou, Tony Jaa, Ronda Rousey, Nathalie Emmanuel and Kurt Russell. Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel and Michael Fottrell return to produce the film written by Chris Morgan.

The next installment in the Fast & Furious franchise has arrived. I knew this would be a bittersweet movie because of the passing of Paul Walker. I thought throughout the film I would just be sad every time I saw Paul's beautiful face but the movie was so intense, it kept my mind focus on what was happening. Now when the movie slowed down and it dealt with the family, bits and pieces of my heart would chip off thinking about Paul. Universal Pictures really did an amazing job from start to finish. I felt that Paul's presence was in every piece of the film. You honestly can't tell really when his brother is in the film. But your heart can feel it by the words shared.

The ending will stay with you long after you leave the theater. It will move you to tears, seriously bring some tissues because you'll need them. I did not come prepared and my shirt was drenched. It's a mixture of sad and happy tear really. Every word spoken by Vin Diesel as Dominic affects you all the way to your core. Because it doesn't just feel like he is saying good bye to Brian but also to Paul. Then how the cars drive one last ride, yea that's when my tears lost control. There was no holding back at this point. The theater was super quiet as we all took in the last moments. After the movie finished, every single person in the Imax theater was standing up, cheering and clapping.

I honestly don't know if Universal Studios will continue with this franchise, I personally wouldn't want them too. I have been a fan since the first film and continuing with out Paul just doesn't seem right. I think the movie was ended in a respectful way that nothing was left unanswered and we just know that they all will live on now happy lives as a family.

With all that being said, I highly recommend this film to everyone. I believe the franchise has build a diverse group of fans and not one will be disappointed. The cars and high speed races and chases are there plus so much more. Go out and see Furious 7, show them the support they have earned. Who would have thought that a film about racing street cars illegally on the streets would have created the phenomenon that it is today when back then in 2001 that action was frown up because to many were street racing mimicking the film. I am positive Paul Walker is looking down at all of us just smiling because of success and unity the films have created.


  1. I saw this over the long weekend and it was definitely teary at the end :'( The movie was really intense at parts and hilarious at moments~ Love the review :D

  2. I saw this on Saturday and man did I love it! I laughed and cried throughout and I think that it ended on a good note. Now, I'm not confused about Tokyo Drift and the 5th movie. That was epic.

  3. I've been with the franchise from the beginning, and I have always loved it and the Fast family. I totally agree with you about the tears, how their both happy and sad when the song starts and the montage begins.*ugly sobs* I love what they did with the movie to honor Paul and let the whole Fast family say goodbye. Such a wonderful movie!
    So nice to meet other people who like the Fast and Furious franchise! Great review!


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