Houston's Comicpalooza Spotlight: Author Rose Garcia

Today we feature one of Comicpalooza attending guest.
Which happens to be a known author to OUaT. 

Rose Garcia, author of The Transhuman Chronicles.
Rose took time out of her schedule to do a Q&A with us all about Comicpalooza and her books. Enjoy!!!

OUaT: Welcome Rose, I’m so glad to have you visiting today. This month, we both will be attending Houston's Comicpalooza (The Texas International Comic Con). You will be attending as an author and I’ll be going as one of the official bloggers. So let's start with why Comicpalooza?!
Why are more authors starting to attend these comic cons in different cities?
For the science fiction/fantasy (SFF) and paranormal lover, going to cons like these is like going to Disney World! And if you write these genres, then it’s twice as awesome! Not only do you get to be there as a comic book fan, but as a writer you’re able to connect directly with people who are really interested in your kind of books. I also think comic con attendees are avid readers, and readers are always looking for something new to add to their TBR pile. And I have the perfect books for them!

OUaT: Have you attended Comicpalooza or any other similar event before? How did it help get the word out about your books?
This will be my third time to go to Comicpalooza. The first time I went, my first book, Final Life, had just released. It’s a YA sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal. The book was well received, and I was beyond thrilled! The following year, the second book in the series, Final Stand, had released. It was so cool to see people there to actually see me and buy the book. This year I’ll be there with Final Death, the conclusion to the trilogy, and I can’t wait!

OUaT: Now besides the fact that you’ll be attending Comicpalooza to promote your works of fiction, what else are you excited to see or do at Comicpalooza?
STAN LEE! He was there last year and I missed him. I’m definitely going to do whatever I need to do to see him. My BIG dream is that one day Tom Hiddleston will be there. If you go to my Pinterest page you’ll see that I’m slightly obsessed with Tom. LOL (https://www.pinterest.com/roseonprose/)

OUaT: Do yo have some type of strategy for this event?
My strategy at events is always the same. Have fun and talk to as many people as I can about my books. That’s pretty much it!

OUaT: Now tell us, does Rose plan to dress in costume or as they would call it in the comic con world, will you be cosplaying? If so I cant wait to see what you'll be dressed as. I haven't decided myself yet, if I will be in some the of costume.
I wish! And I’ve often thought about wearing something that will tie into my books, but sadly there isn’t really anything. I may, however, color my hair. We’ll just have to see. However, my assistant, my daughter, is all gung ho on cosplay. I think she’s going as Blink this year.

OUaT: Back to Comicpalooza, can you share with us what your schedule will be for those attending that would like to meet you and buy your books?
I will have a table all day, every day in the Artist Alley. So come see me! As for panels, you can catch me here:
  • Saturday, 5:30-6:30: Essentials of Fantasy- Books You Must Know
  • Sunday, 1:00-2:00: Multiculturalism in Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Monday, 1:00-2:00 The Best of Fantasy and Horror on TV

OUaT: Before we go, let your fans know what is next for Rose Garcia. Do you have an upcoming signing, future book or promotion happening now that you would like to share with us all?
After Comicpalooza, my next big events are UtopYA Con in Nashville from June 18-21, the San Antonio Indie Book Festival on July 12th, and the Texas Book Festival October 17-18. I have more events I’m calendaring, and you can keep up with me at www.rosegarciabooks.com.
OUaT: Thank you so much Rose for taking time out of your busy writing schedule and hanging out with us today. See you at Comicpalooza! 
Thank you so much, Yara! I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Con! Please come find me!

The Transhuman Chronicles: (click cover to purchase)


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  1. Great interview! I can't wait to see her at Comicpalooza!

  2. Awesome Interview! Wish I could make Comicpalooza to see her!


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