About Doris Torres, A Local Cosplay @floridasupercon

Each year, FSC brings in professional Cosplay guests from around the country. These guests take part in panels, workshops and help judge the various costume and costuming contests. Today, we share a short interview with Doris Torres!

Doris is Navi in the TV commercial we just shot for Animate! Miami, was Harley Quinn on the 2011 Florida Supercon program guide cover (a role she will be reprising for an upcoming Supercon photo shoot) and performs as Navi at the show (during Florida Super Championship Wrestling). Visit her at https://www.facebook.com/HarleysLoveShack

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I have a deep love for Batman,Mass effect,and Sailor Moon. I work a lot with my hands. I like working at children events and Ren fest. I like to paint and draw A LOT and I am really shy.

I know there was a rapid growth in the number of people cosplaying as a hobby in the 1990s. When was your first cosplay? Was it for an event?

My first time cosplaying was at the age of 16 and it was Harley Quinn,she is my favorite. I made her from scratch which was very very hard especially since I didn't know sewing at the time.I made her for Supercon because I had a friend dressing up as the Joker and I have never really gone to cons before.

What inspired you to start cosplaying?

After going to my first con I just wanted to keep doing it and pushing myself into making new costumes and it was a really great way of meeting people and making new friend and coming out of my shell.

I know cosplay is time consuming but when you love something you don’t even mind the hours spent. Can you tell us how many hours you spend for one? From looking for fabrics to putting everything together?

When I was new to cosplay I would spend an hour or two but now I can just run through and be like "THAT AND THAT LETS DO THIS!"

As of now, which design has been your favorite? 

Harley Quinn, Sailormoon,and Raven.

What are you looking forward to this year at Supercon? Can you give us hints of what you will be this year?

Guest! And making new friends. I'll be Beetlejuice, Lady Deadpool ,Beth from Walking Dead, and Tess from Jak and Daxter.

With this said, WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

Hope you can spot Doris at Supercon and don't forget to share your pictures with us!

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