Book Review: Charlie, Presumed Dead by Anne Heltzel

Charlie, Presumed Dead
Author: Anne Heltzel
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Mystery
Released: June 2nd 2015
Review Source: HMH Books for Young Readers

In Paris, family and friends gather to mourn the tragic passing of Charlie Price—young, handsome, charming, a world-traveler—who is presumed dead after an explosion. Authorities find only a bloodied jacket, ID’d as Charlie’s. At the funeral, two teens who are perfect strangers, Lena Whitney and Aubrey Boroughs, make another shocking discovery: they have both been dating Charlie, both think Charlie loved them and them alone, and there is a lot they didn’t know about their boyfriend. Over the next week, a mind-bending trip unfolds: first in London—then in Mumbai, Kerala, and Bangkok, the girls go in search of Charlie. Is he still alive? What did their love for him even mean? The truth is out there, but soon it becomes clear that the girls are harboring secrets of their own.

No one knows whom to trust in this thrilling tale of suspense and deception.

Dirty and quick - Charlie, Presumed Dead is an interesting mystery story about two girls learning of Charlie’s double life - he was dating them both. YIKES! Yeah, crazy, makes me want to sing, The Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica. Actually, I had the song stuck while reading. The terrible thing about this book is that is leaves you hanging! MASSIVE cliff-hanger! So if you’re not a fan of cliff-hanger, you have been warned.

Charlie, Presumed Dead is the story of well… Charlie. After a tragic plane crash, he is presumed dead. (Get the title?) Anywho, at his funeral, devastated Audrey seat at a corner since Charlie never introduced her to the family. She is heart-broken but is willing to show respect. Until this beautiful girl goes and shares her eulogy. Lena is introduced as Charlie’s girlfriend. The catfight begins when Lena hears a girl cough out loud and she noticed how pale she has turned. Seem to be confused, He belongs to me, The boy is mine. After her speech, Lena follows Audrey and she ask her if she is the “other girl”. Think its time we got this straight, Sit and talk face to face. After their talk, Lena is furious and is determined to uncover the truth about Charlie. Later on, you find out why! Well, beside the reason why he pretended to be a different Charlie to each.

You know the saying, “curiosity killed the cat”? Well the girls embarked into a journey of danger. Charlie is a psychopath, hence the double life and what these girls are to discover may cause their life.

Let’s be honest, Charlie is an ass. He betrayed the girls’ trust and wants to be in control. As the girls learned more about his personalities, they discover he is a bigger ass. Excuse my French. When you read the story, you will.

Its a mess but a good one to read. Overall, the story was interesting and I would love to know what will happen next.

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  1. There was a big cliff hanger on this one. I thought it was a wild and crazy read. I really liked this one too. Glad you enjoyed it as well.

    Great Review!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs


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