It's A Muggle Monday Recommendation!

We are not wizards or witches, but muggles. We don't live in a magical world... Hogwarts is not home. But don't let this put you down. We don't need magic to transform our world. We have thousands lives to explore and dystopian worlds to travels. From the words of JK Rowling, "The stories we love the best live in us forever".

It's a Muggle Monday Recommendation is a new weekly meme hosted by Once Upon a Twilight in hope that this story will cast a spell over you and live with you forever.

In light of everything that has happened for this series I figured it would be appropriate to feature it as our Muggle Monday Recommendation!

This is a great series, with a not so great movie. BUT! They have been picked up for a television show and that show is starting filming very soon. So if you haven't read this series, you should before the show comes out!


  1. THIS. SERIES. Saying that I'm obsessed with it, it's not enough! I'll write everything this woman writes because she's that amazing!

  2. I still need to finish the last 2 books of this series. I may do a complete reread since it's been a while since I read the first 4. I'm super excited about the tv show! I hope it's good!

  3. I love these books and I'm so pumped about the tv series! I watch a few shows on ABC Family so I have high hopes it'll be great. I think I'm going to reread the books before the premiere.


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