We are heading to Super Geek Film Festival!

Florida Supercon is next week and we honestly can't contain our excitement!!!

Geeks in cosplay fangirling over who is at the convention, freaking out over shows that have recently gone on break and just having the time of our life being around our own kind. It's hard to believe but coming across another fanboy/girl is kind of hard if you don't already have a small group of friends that you already hangout with. So it's easy to say that going to cons is a pretty big deal for fangirls like us. 

To add to the excitement Florida Supercon is hosting Super Geek Film Festival and the line up is pretty amazing. We can't wait to watch a few of these films and if you'll be at one of the screenings let us know so we can try to meet up! :)

Florida Supercon’s Film Festival Features Renowned andUp-and-ComingDirectors and Actors

Super Geek Film Festival will feature screenings of films, shorts, documentaries and student 
submissions, with Q&As, panels and sessions for featured films, directors and actors.

June 12, 2015 (Miami, FL) – Florida Supercon, South Florida’s largest comic convention and pop culture event, will be hosting the Super Geek Film Festival dedicated to presenting geek interest films of all types, including documentary, narrative, animation, experimental and fan films. The 2015 Super Geek Film Festival will take place from June 25-28, 2015 and films with a focus on geek, geek interest, geek culture, comics, gaming, animation, anime, manga, science fiction, fantasy, robotics, technology and more will be screened. 

Films will be presented from all kinds of filmmakers, including professional, amateur and students, in the following specific categories:
1. Feature Fantasy Film - full or feature-length (over 50 minutes)
2. Feature Science Fiction Film - full or feature-length (over 50 minutes)
3. Short Film - Short-format films or videos (under 50 minutes)
4. Internet / Web Based Short - Short Made for Internet distribution and exhibition
5. Documentary Film - Full Length or Short Format Documentary Film
6. Student Competition - Films made by students who are either enrolled in a school, or were enrolled during the films’ production. There will be categories for submissions for high school students and undergraduate students. 

Programming* will include film screenings, panels, sessions in the Filmmaker lounge, parties, Q&As and more. Some of the most popularscreenings, Q&As and panels include:

The Beach Chronicles – Film screenings June 26 at 3:30pm, June 27 at 12:00pm and June 28 at 4:30pm; Director Kevin Sharpley part of Filmmaker panel June 27 at 11:00am: The Beach Chronicles is a pulp, noir, sci-fi saga from the mind of Kevin Sharpley. Dirk Jenson, a private detective that lives and works in Miami 'South Beach', Florida is unknowingly drawn into the greatest battle of all time, the battle for all existence. A single artifact holds the key and he's running out of time after him and his friends are almost killed one by one in the same night. A mysterious woman appears shortly after and offers him salvation, but opens the door to more mystery, death and destruction. Director Kevin Sharpley and cast members Arlene Tur, Rey Hernandez, and more will be in attendance.

Visual Effects and Post Production with Dean Lyon – June 26 at 2:00pm: A discussion on visual effects and post production with Dean Lyon, producer, director and visual effect supervisor best known for his work on The Lord of the Rings movies.

The Significance Series: Preview and Q&A – Film screenings June 26 at 4:00pm, June 27 at 4:00pm and June 28 at 3:45pm: Author and Creator Shelly Crane and the filmmakers behind the pilot for The Significance Series are joined by actors Michael Welch, Justin James Hughes, Garrett Backstrom, Hollie Shay and Mary Cameron Rogers, for a preview of the new project, followed by a Q&A discussion. After Maggie Masters saves Caleb Jacobson from a near death experience, strange things begin happening to her. A world beyond human knowledge emerges, once you meet your Significant. Spotlight Q&A sessions will also be held with actors Michael Welch June 25 at 4:45pm and Shelly Crane June 27 at 12:30pm.

Independent Filmmaker Panel – June 27, 2015 12:00pm: Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys, Cocaine Cowboys 2, Raw Deal: A Question of Consent), Jon Schnepp (The Death of "Superman Lives",What Happened?) and Terry Cronin (Adventure Chefs, Students of the Unusual, The Skinvestigator), will be joined by other filmmakers to discuss the uphill battle of making and promoting an indie film without studio support.

Women Filmmaker’s Panel – June 27, 2015 3:30pm: Join Joey Lauren Adams, and other female actors and directors for a discussion on their unique perspective of filmmaking and the film industry.

An awards ceremony will be held June 27 at 5:45pm to award the winning films in each category. The screening and programming schedule* (subject to change) is as follows:

Thursday, June 25: 2:00PM – 12:00AM
Friday, June 26: 10:00AM – 12:00AM
Saturday, June 27: 10:00AM – 12:00AM
Sunday, June 28: 10:00AM – 10:00PM

The Super Geek Film Festival will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139.On Twitter, the conversation continues with the hashtags #SGFF and #SuperGeekFilmFest.

*Programming schedule and times subject to change.

Don't forget to purchase your tickets! 

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