An Ember in the Ashes - Character Love!

Don't get me wrong when I say this, I freaking adore Helene. Sure I love Laia as well, I think she and Elias will make a great couple and all. But I would rather stand up for Helene Aquilla. The girl is clever, badass, and well, she's ruthless.  She has to endure hardship to survive a school full of boys. It's not easy to be the only girl in whatever circumstance you find yourself in. You are always underestimated. Boys will always be boys and will always think they're better. Helene has been bullied and has fought for herself even when she has proven to be worthy. 

Regardless of the love I have for her, I hate that she loves Elias, so much... because it's a one way street. I wish she would stop having feeling for him because I fear she will betray him. 

“How do I look?”
“You look…” Like a warrior goddess. Like a jinni of air come to bring us all to our knees. 
I fear that she will turn her back on Elias and do things he never imagined her doing. She is, after all, a warrior. But my worst nightmare is having her death. NO SHE CANNOT DIE. AFTER EVERYTHING SHE'S BEEN THROUGH!

“Don’t forget us. Don’t become like him.”



“We match each other stroke for stroke until I get a hit on her right arm. 

She tries to switch sword arms, but I jab my scim at her wrist faster than she can parry. Her scim goes flying, and I tackle her. Her white-blonde hair tumbles free of her bun.

“Surrender!” I pin her down at the wrists, but she trashes and rips one arm free, scrabbling for a dagger at her waist. Steel stabs at my ribs, and seconds later, I am on my back with a blade at my throat.

“Ha!” She leans down, her hair falling around us like a shimmering silver curtain.”

Now that I've said this, I think the best song that would describe Helene best. It would be a song by Pink...

Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
Miss 'No way, it's all good'
It didn't slow me down.
Mistaken, always second guessing
Underestimated, look I'm still around

I think she would appreciate this. What do you think? Share your thoughts about Helene!

We at YoungAdultMia love her! Here is what we have to say about her:

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how happy I am to see this on my bloglovin feed. I ADORE Helene, she was bar none the best part of the book for me. So resilient, so cynical, yet she still has great capacity for kindness e.g. when she helped healed Laia. I love her sfm. Sabaa Tahir mentioned there might be a Helene POV in the sequel, I am holding my breath! Fantastic post :D


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