Book Review: Toxic by Kim Karr

Author: Kim Karr
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: July 7th 2015
Review Source: NAL Trade

New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr turns up the heat in a smoking hot, emotionally compelling romance that takes you into the world of Manhattan’s elite.

Meet Jeremy McQueen, a sexy, intense, brooding entrepreneur who goes after what he wants, and Phoebe St. Claire, a socialite-turned-CEO who’s been drifting through life searching for something she thought she'd never find again—the right man to share her future.

Phoebe St. Claire has devoted herself to saving her family’s hotel empire—but her best efforts have not been good enough. With her whole world in turmoil, the tenacious go-getter turns to the once love of her life. Far from innocent, Jeremy McQueen was a guy from the wrong side of the tracks and her parents would never have approved. Their years apart have only made the sexy bad boy more irresistible than ever—and their reunion is explosive.

When she asks Jeremy to help her salvage her family business, he agrees immediately, with only one condition—he wants her in his bed.

But soon surprising circumstances leave Phoebe reeling. Was this fairy tale romance just too good to be true? Will Jeremy’s secrets pull them apart all over again?

When I read the synopsis I knew I had to pick Toxic up. I mean that tag line along had peaked my interest. I was loving getting to know Phoebe and Jeremy’s pass and see how it all intertwine to come full circle in the end. Karr does a fantastic job of bringing their story to life.

Jeremy McQueen and Phoebe St. Claire have history. Love fairy tales don’t always end with happily ever after. Theirs sure didn’t. Can a second chance bring them back together? Or will the past not be so easily forgotten?

It’s kind of hard to say where exactly I stand with Toxic. I enjoyed the story, but it left me frustrated a number of times. I am surely in the minority when it comes to this book because I know quite a few people loved it. I guess it was the fact that I really couldn’t connect with the characters. The unvarying bickering and mistrust was giving me way too much whiplash. It’s not to say that other won’t enjoy it, it just wasn’t for me.

I feel like the story was missing Jeremy’s POV. I think I would’ve been delighted to get inside he’s head at certain points of the story. I’ve never been one of those girls that is insanely jealous maybe that’s why I couldn’t really click with the actual characters. The title does the book justice because what Jeremy and Phoebe have is a toxic relationship of sorts.  The constant push and pull can only go on for so long before I pull my hair out, but if you love angst and need to go on a roller coaster of emotions Toxic is the book for you.

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