#QueenofShadows by @SJMaas Virtual Signing!

The fabulous Damaris at GoodChoiceReading has teamed up with Bloomsbury, Sarah J. Maas, and Barnes & Noble to bring you, the booknerds, the official QUEEN OF SHADOW virtual signing! HOW FREAKING EXCITING!

For those who are new to our virtual signings, here is a little background...

Good Choice Reading has attended numerous of book signings along the east coast. One day they decided to give readers, who cannot attend a signing in their area, the chance to own a personalized/signed copy of their favorite author(s) book(s).

At first it started really small. They would announce that they were attending a signing and if anyone wanted a signed copy to message them. And here they are today working closely with authors/publishers helping our favorite authors sell as many books as possible, and making readers around the world HAPPY!

Here is your chance to grab a signed/personalized copy of QUEEN OF SHADOWS today!

Also, Sarah J. Maas has agreed to sign the entire series for those who would like to own all 5 (including the novellas) books! PHENOMENAL!

Click the book to ORDER YOURS TODAY!

Since we love our readers, we at Once Upon a Twilight, will be announcing a giveaway sometime next week. This giveaway will allow a lucky reader to win a PERSONALIZED COPY OF QUEEN OF SHADOWS!

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