Recap: @FloridaSupercon 2015!

OUaT had the opportunity to attend Florida Supercon this past weekend and let me tell you guys what an absolute blast is was to cover this event. I’ve been going to this event for the past four years and it just keeps on getting better! If you missed it no worries we have you covered. Now in its tenth year, Florida Supercon, one of the country’s largest comic convention and pop culture events, returned to Miami Beach this past weekend. The 4-day event had something for everyone, from celebrity guests, comic book creators, voice actors, industry guests, panels, Q&As, film screenings, cosplay and so much more. 

One of my favorite things about Florida Supercon is the people. The people that attend get so creative with their cosplay, it’s amazing to see the amount of time they put into everything. I saw many Doctor’s because come one who wouldn’t want to be him. Deadpool was also very popular. To the point that I saw a Loki start a canga line with only Deadpool’s behind him. It was pretty hysterical. It’s basically the one time where you can bring out that Stormtrooper costume you have in the back of your closet wear it  all day and have people come up to you and ask for a picture. I’d say that makes you one of the cool kids. My favorite this year had to be the family dressed up as all Marvel character. Baby Thor was beyond adorable! 

Many people flocked at the chance to meet some of their favorites. From Hayley Atwell to Tom Kenny (who voices Spongebob Squarepants!) to one of our personal faves Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley. Guys, if you haven’t started The 100 do yourself a favor sit on the couch this weekend and put on Netflix the first season is up there. Watch it you won’t regret it! Also it was quite a surprise to realize there are so many The 100 fans down here. I feel like that fandom is silently growing in the shadows. Not only was real life Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) there, but so was my favorite princess Belle (Emilie de Ravin). If you ever get the chance to meet her try not to stare. Her eyes are mesmerizing!

The panels were probably the highlight for me this year. Manu Bennett was quite the surprise. I had the chance to go to his Q&A panel on Thursday and let me tell you I learned something I never knew. Manu was a professional dancer.... Can you imagine Slade Wilson busting out into swan lake? Yeah, let that sink in. The ever so handsome Brett Dalton decided it would be an awesome idea (which it was!) to crash Hayley Atwell's panel and listening to Jason Mewes had us dying laughing. Sunday morning we were up way too early because the ever so lovely Karen Gillian was  actually opening up the con that day.

So many amazing artist could be found on the floor. From hand painted art to some incredible digital prints. You had a variety of options to choose from and let’s not forget some of the  magnificent handcrafted pieces. I kind of feel in love with some of the hair pieces and let me not even get started on the skirts I managed to find. Seriously hats of to all you amazingly creative people who can make such astounding things from scratch. I envy you! 

For the East coast this is our San Diego Comic-Con and I am proud to say that it does not disappoint. 51,000 graced the convention center halls over the 4 days--nearly a 20% increase over last year's show (43,000) and I only see it increasing more in the years to come. If you get the chance I highly suggest coming out next year. If this year is any indication, 2016 is sure to top the years prior. 

All type of fandoms collide at Florida Supercon. Not one is better than the other. We celebrate our inner fangirl/fanboy without any judgement and get to celebrate the true nature of being a geek. From gamers to comic book junkies add a bit of pop culture lovers and that is what makes up Florida Supercon. 

*Make sure to check back with us on Friday for our The 100 recap! We might have gone a bit overboard with that panel.... Better for you guys right?! Here's a preview of what's to come. ;)

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