Stand STRONG with the Mockingjay!

The revolution has started! District 13 has released two new posters along with updates to & sites! 


Additionally, we released a new Snapchat account for MOCKINGJAY PART 2 in tandem with the launch of 14 District inspired Snapchat filters across the country, corresponding with the locations of the districts of Panem! Make sure to follow ‘MockingjayPt2’ on Snapchat throughout the campaign for updates all things Mockingjay!

Also, make sure to check out the stunning “Stand With The Mockingjay” motion poster on the Snapchat account, followed by the re-launch of There is a new interactive feature to the site, The Pillars of Panem where the "Faces of the Revolution’s" names are etched onto a 3D monument wall, driving home their importance for the rebel cause. HOW COOL?

There was also another hack on The throne where Snow once sat has been replaced with Katniss! This new poster is called "Imagine Tomorrow" and can be downloaded and shared from the site as well.

Remember we will have more news tomorrow! So stay tuned!

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