Book Review: One of These Nights by Kendra Leigh Castle

One of These Nights
Harvest Cove #3
Author: Kendra Leigh Castle
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: September 1st 2015
Review Source: Signet

From the author of Every Little Kiss, a heartwarming novel that proves sometimes the only way to let people in is to let go...

Moving to Harvest Cove has been like a dream come true for Zoe Watson, providing her with a job she loves and close friends she considers practically family. The only problem: a certain prickly—albeit handsome—park ranger who can’t seem to help tracking mud into her art gallery…or showing up in her dreams.

Jason Evans swore off relationships the day his ex-wife walked out the door, and the local gallery owner is no exception. But when an accident forces him to accept the one thing he hates most in the world—help—he discovers that with Zoe in his life, there are more highs than lows. Despite their long-simmering attraction, neither Jason nor Zoe thinks that two people with so little in common could possibly have a future together. But one of these nights, they may just discover how alike they are.…

Oh, yes I did! I read One of These Nights right after I finished book 2 of this series! It’s like watching Hallmark movies all day long. Castle’s stories are addicting. How I wish to be one of these characters. I really want to move to Harvest Cove and find my one true love.

Not only is One of These Nights heartwarming but this story in particular has a sense of humor that had me laughing here and there. The ever so stubborn Zoe Watson has moved to Harvest Cove to open an art studio. Things are going well for her. She loves her job and being close to her friends is a dream come true. Until he walks in…

Jason Evans is a man who gave his heart away only for it to be returned. Divorced and with a new set of mind, Jason doesn’t want to be bother with love. He tried it once and it was enough. Now he is back to his hometown, Harvest Cove, to escape his past. But the ever “annoying” Zoe owns one of his favorite spots. To make her life miserable, he will do his best to antagonize every single time he visit her art studio. Little does he know, Zoe will change his life forever.

Zoe and Jason relations is not a walk in the park. From the moment these two meet, they’re at each other's throats… I was engaged in their banter! They’re too funny! But you know the saying, “there's a thin line between love and hate.” Pretty soon, these two will learn they are meant to be together.

I’m totally taken by Castle’s stories. They are worth the read! Trust me, when you read The Harvest Cove series, you will enjoy her wonderful stories. Now to wait for Come On Closer...

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