Animate! Miami and Special Guests Collaborate With Free2Luv®

Jason Drucker is Tommy Miller on the Nickelodeon TV series "Every Witch Way”. Jason is a Youth Advocate for the anti-bullying organization Free2Luv to help empower individuals and teach LUV is STRONGER that HATE and BRAVER than bullying. Jason will be appearing on Saturday, and Sunday. 

“Geek culture conventions like Animate! Miami and Florida Supercon are, at their core, meant to be places of acceptance for fans that can't express their passions in their normal day-to-day lives. Going back to the first sci-fi convention in 1939, shows like these are meant to be a place to get your geek on, free from judgment and harassment. I'm thrilled to be working with Free2Luv, as their mission aligns closely with the values of our events. I think it’s important to spread the message that it’s ok to be yourself, and that it’s not cool to bully others because they're different,“ said Mike Broder, founder of Animate! Miami and Florida Supercon. 

9-year-old Jason Drucker, star of Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way and the film Barely Lethal and a current guest at Animate! Miami, is no stranger to the sting of bullying. A Youth Advocate for Free2Luv and an important voice in the organization, Drucker had this to say about bullying: “Every day is a new day, and every day we have choices. I choose to help advocate individualism and positive self worth. Being on TV and film has been an amazing experience for me, although it brings added pressure. I feel that people overlook the fact that I am just a 9-year-old boy who also goes to school just like any other 9 year old. Performing is a hobby and I love it; it should not define who I am. I love baseball, video games, Madden, fantasy football, playing with my friends, and hanging with my family (2 brothers, my dog, mom and dad). It’s almost as if I’m being judged when I am out there having fun. Everyone is different; no two people are the same.“

He went on to say, “I am proud of my work, I am honored to have this platform that allows me to be heard. Being a part of the Free2Luv family has given my fans and me a place to feel free—to be different and to express ourselves. I receive numerous social media messages from fans expressing their pain. Bullying is not funny, it’s not a game, it’s not about who wins or loses. In the end, the bully and victim both lose. If I can make a difference in one person’s life, then I know it is all worth it.”

The Youth Advocacy Program, of which Drucker is a part of, brings together young game changers that have demonstrated outstanding contributions in their community along with youth experiencing difficulty due to bullying. Together, they are given an opportunity to empower each other along with other youth going through similar experiences. Collectively, they create a powerful voice for change and encourage other youth to stand up, speak out and let their voices be heard.

As the face of Free2Luv's “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully” billboard campaign inviting communities to take their kindness pledge, Drucker’s billboards will reach millions during October’s Bullying Prevention Month. “We’ve been blessed to have Jason in our Free2Luv family. He has been instrumental in sharing our message, reaching out to kids going through a difficult time and being a positive light for kids everywhere. His smile is infectious, his energy is contagious and his heart can be felt by many,” says Tonya Sandis, president and co-founder of Free2Luv. 

Another star of Every Witch Way, Lisa Corrao, has attended Florida Supercon 2015 and is also a guest at Animate! Miami this year. As a female stand-up comedian, actress, mom and former Broward County school teacher, she has a unique perspective on bullying. 

“When I was a kid, I got into a lot of fights! Every fight I got into was protecting friends from bullies. Even though I was small, I had a Hulk-like rage that awakened when a friend was being attacked. It's like when you see an angry Chihuahua going after a Rottweiler. Can you believe I would get into fist fights? I think that's why I'm a comedian now--I've never been afraid of things that I probably should be. I'm proud that I've always stood up for others. That's the best way to stop bullies. If we all band together and stand up for someone who needs it, you never know—you might need someone to stand up for you one day too,” said Corrao.

With the rise in teen suicides and 1 out of every 3 children experiencing some form of bullying, it is Free2Luv’s mission to reach as many communities and children as possible to spread the word that every person is perfect just the way they are. Through their We Care program, Free2Luv reaches out to children either being bullied or going through a difficult time to let them know they are not alone. Each child in the program receives an empowerment package and they are invited to join the Free2Luv family where everyone is celebrated, voices are cherished and friendships are fostered.

Free2Luv is on a #MillionSignMission to bring awareness and solidarity to bullying prevention. People all across the globe are taking photos with a “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully” sign and sharing them via social media with #Free2Luv. To learn more about the Million Sign Mission, click here.
Free2Luv will be spreading its message of love and bullying prevention at Animate! Miami, which draws a large percentage of kids and teens. The convention takes place October 23-25, 2015 at the Miami Airport Convention Center located at the Doubletree Hotel, 711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami FL 33126. To view the complete and up-to-date list of activities at the convention, click here.

About Free2Luv
Free2Luv® takes the bullied to brave, heals hurts & builds dreams, so no child is left feeling alone, unwanted or hopeless. It is a youth empowerment organization dedicated to rockin' individuality, spreading kindness and standing up to bullying through arts and entertainment. Through community outreach and awareness campaigns, the organization helps to bring communities together, positions healthy role models for our youth and empowers youth to be kinder, more responsible citizens of the community. You can join the movement and stand up to bullying with Free2Luv. Visit and learn how you can be an agent for change or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

About Animate! Miami
Animate! Miami is Florida’s largest convention for anime and animation, with three days featuring some of the industry’s biggest names, celebrities, cosplayers, comedians, entertainers, and more. There will be hundreds of events, including panels, Q&As, costume contests, video gaming, comedy shows, exhibitors, artists, and more for all ages. To learn more about Animate! Miami (formerly Anime Supercon / Animation Supercon), click here. The event is produced by the team at Super Conventions, the organizers of the South Florida comic conventions, Animate! Miami, Florida Supercon and Magic City Comic Con. Mike Broder originally founded the first Florida Supercon (currently the largest comic convention in South Florida) to fill a void in the South Florida geek culture scene, and he has since launched Animate! Miami and Magic City Comic Con.

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