Join Us in Downloading the #TheMockingjayApp

The Mockingjay App is HERE!!!

The Mockingjay App has been given a new face-lift and relaunched with some pretty exciting new features.  These features are:
CAPITOL CAMOUFLAGE - Use face recognition technology to snap a selfie with the red Mockingjay face paint. There are also dozens of pre-set makeup effects inspired by Effie Trinket and her Capitol looks, so fans can mimic the extravagant fashions from the films. There are more than 100 billion(!) possible makeup combinations.
GRAFFITI MARKS - Post AR graffiti anywhere in the real world, featuring new designs and taglines like the 3-finger salute, Katniss on the throne, the logo and more. Graffiti can be easily shared and geo-tagged on a world map so other fans can find your mark.

Many of the app's original features are included too, such as the augmented reality 3D hovercraft and much more. It is now available and free to download in the App Store and Google Play.

You probably already saw these on OUaT's Instagram or Twitter, this is one feature you can create! 

Yara & Bri

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