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A book began the bond of a lifetime...

Today's Throwback Thursday is another cosplay post. This time around is going to be about my top 5 favorite cosplays I've done.

For as long as I can remember I've loved dressing up, which is one of the main reasons Halloween has always been my favorite holiday of the year. But now a days, with the nerds taking over pop culture, cons have become increasingly popular, which gives us all a ton of more opportunities to dress up -sometimes a few times in one weekend! 

Unfortunately, not all of us have the cash flow to spend on really good costumes, or the talent to make them ourselves. So what do you do when this is the case but you love dressing up like I do? You put your creativity to use and improvise! Some people don't realize that there are tons of costumes you can come up with right from your closet! All you have to do is use your imagination, maybe purchase a few items, and make do with what you've got.

With that said, I've worn a ton of costumes that have come out straight from my closet and I've gotten many compliments.

Here are my top 5 favorite cosplays I've done:

#5 - The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who

Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor is my favorite Doctor, so when my friend Rixi had the great idea of us dressing up as him, inspired by one of the episodes where there are two Doctors, for SuperCon, I was all over that!  I loved putting this together because I had every single item I needed right in my closet, except the suspenders, which I bought at Party City.

Here are a few pictures from #SuperCon:

I even found a TARDIS!

Here I am with a War Doctor

#4 - Amy Pond from Doctor Who

I have some friends who own an artistic studio here in Miami where they have monthly comedy shows that are themed differently every month. Those of us part of the "framily" always dress up according to the theme. March 2015's theme (in honor of one of the team members's birthday) was Doctor Who and I was assigned Amy Pond. When this show took place, I had just started to watch the series, so I hadn't met Amy yet (I believe I was on Donna's run), but I looked up the outfit the birthday boy suggested I wear (from the episode "Asylum of  the Daleks") and was so, so happy to see that I had everything already, and that all I needed was a long red wig -which I got from Amazon. And so my cosplay of Amy took place and, after I did meet her on the series, I realized then how awesome it was that I got to be her for the show.

I even had my "Last Centurion" with me <3

Photo credits to Tin Box Photo

#3 - Batgirl

Another redheaded cool lady I got to dress up as! This time it was for my friend Eddie who was just starting his photography business back in October 2013, and asked me to pose for him for a session. He is a bit of geek himself and so he likes to do geeky themed shoots (which I love, of course!), and so he asked me to dress as Batgirl, which made me very happy to honor this amazing super heroine. I already owned the tee shirt from Hot Topic inspired by her outfit, all I did was wear a long sleeve black shirt under it, made it a little girlier with a miniskirt and some black tights. I had so much fun taking these!

#2 - Tonks when she was a Hogwarts Student

Anyone who knows me knows that my #1 fandom will always be Harry Potter, so of course this cosplay had to be on the list (and it's not the top one because of how awesome the next one is -and how much more work it required). In September 2014, the theme for the comedy show at the studio was Harry Potter and -at the moment -I was the biggest Pottered of the group, so naturally I volunteered to help them plan and decorate the studio, and then I very excitedly planned my cosplay for this show. I am a Hufflepuff -and proud of it too -and so I wanted to make homage to one of the best, most inspiring Hufflepuffs ever in history: Nymphadora Tonks. In the movies, her character was almost brushed off and her awesomeness was not given nearly enough credit, but if you've read the books (which I am sure most of you following this blog have), you know JUST how amazing and fun she is. The thing is that I didn't have anything in my closet that even resembled what Tonks wears in the movies, so I had the brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) of dressing up as her, but when she was a Hogwarts student. This inspiration came to me because I saw the shirt I have (yes, still have!) that's based on the Hogwarts uniform, I paired it with a gray skirt I had (yeah, that one I gave away) but added some funky Tonks-inspired touches she probably wore in her teens: bright pink tights, leather biker boots, pigtails, and a Qudditch Hufflepuff team cap (which I got at the theme park and had barely worn), and here is the final result:

That's my little sister dressed as the boy who lived

Photo credit goes to Stephanie Meyer-Senior

#1 - Poison Ivy

Batman is my favorite super hero and, from his universe, I love two of his nemesis: Catwoman and Poison Ivy. I love that in Batman women are as powerful and cool as boys (which Marvel, as much as I love them, doesn't do as much), especially when they are baddies. Remember my long wig for when I was Amy Pond? Well, I love it and was excited to be able to wear it once more. I went on Pinterest to research DIY costumes of Poison Ivy and found lots of inspiration. A friend of mine gave me a corset she no longer uses and I bought a pair of dark green tights at Target, then I went to Michael's and bought a ton of ivy leaves and spent hours hot gluing them to the corset (which wasn't as good of an idea as I thought it'd be because some of them ended up falling off throughout the night, so next time I am sewing them on!). So this cosplay, even though it wasn't an expensive one, is the only I didn't have all the pieces needed for it -at least they were easy to obtain! This costume too was for one of the comedy shows and, to be honest, it was a total hit! I can't wait to have the time to sew all the leaves (to make sure no more wardrobe malfunctions happen) on the corset and be able to wear it one more time.

And, as an added bonus, here are two other cosplays I've done that I loved putting together:

 River Song from Doctor Who (in the episode "Lake Silencio") -sans the jean jacket; Miami is TOO hot for that!
Hipster Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

This weekend is Animate! Miami (FINALLY!) and Rixi and I will be there all weekend long! If you are there and you see us, come say hello. I can't wait to be able to dress up all weekend long and then share my DIY cosplays with you all next week!

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