Need a #WickedRead? Then get ready to be CURSED with #TheDeadHouse!

We can’t get enough of this haunting story…

Today, we’re channeling our addiction to scary stories, shock factor, and chills on chills on chills. Things are definitely getting creep-tastic around here…and we LOVE it. Hey, sometimes, you just need a Really. Good. Scare.

Real talk though: is there anything better than huddling with that scary story adrenaline during a spooky thunderstorm? We didn’t think so. And we’ve got the perfect, brilliant, psychological horror story for you. It’s one you won’t be able to stop obsessing/thinking/talking about… and it’s EPIC. Let’s just say you are in for a seriously chilling ride… We recommend grabbing a sweater or a blanket. And reading with the light on.

Innocent Carly gets the day. Sinister Kaitlyn has the night. The catch? They’re the same person. Mind blown? That’s just the beginning of this mysterious, juicy, dark, twisty, hair-raising, epically cool story that we can’t help talking about nonstop. Our brilliant rockstar author dawnkurtagich will suck you in and haunt your dreams. This book will give you ALL the feels (creepy ones included). Not gonna lie, we may have had to hide this book outside our bedrooms and keep the lights on for a solid couple hours after reading…

Ready to be cursed? Grab your copy of The Dead House and prepare to get spooked with us.

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