#NYCC Celebrates #Twilight Ten Year Anniversary with Stephenie Meyer!

Thanks to two amazing friends, Erin and Susan, we bring you a recap of Stephenie Meyer panel at New York Comic Con! 

Read Erin's experience below and check out Sue's pictures and videos. Mind you, these were broadcast live so they're low quality but with high dedication from Sue and Erin! Thanks, girls! 

Also, make sure to check out Susan's recap on New York Comic Con! Such a great experience!

I was so lucky to meet Stephenie again (the first time I met her was on the streets of San Diego at the 2008 Sam Diego Comic Con.) I hope you all get the chance to meet her! Such an amazing and sweet woman. 

I saw Stephenie Meyer at the 2015 New York Comic Con for the Twilight Ten Year Anniversary celebration. She signed copies of her book Twilight Special Edition Life and Death. You also got free photo's with her as well. 

Erin & Susan with Stephenie Meyer!

They had a panel with a Q&A as well. It was wonderful! 

Erin's wristband!
She talked about how writing the book, Twilight, changed her life. She also wanted to do something fun for the for the 10 year Anniversary of Twilight. Stephenie said that she really enjoyed entering back into the Twilight vampire world to write the new book Life and Death based on a different point of view from a guys perspective. Her teenage boys inspired her to write it.  

She said with her boys being teenagers, she has been busy and it is hard because she was saying how in a few short years they will be in college. So she wants to spend as much time with them as she can. 

However, she did say she will always be a huge reader and will always love writing. She said more books are to come but right now she is just focusing on her kids and the up coming books, non fiction novel she is working on. However, she isn't sure when it will be coming out. She hopes by next year it will be finished.

She said how she really enjoyed Edythe and Beau and grew to love their personalities and little quirks.  


Stephenie also talked about how much she has grown in 10 years as a writer. Stephenie encouraged people to not let fear or self doubt get in your way. If you love to read and write then kept at it. She told everyone to not worry about your writing being perfect just enjoy writing your story and the details you can worry about later. She said when you are done then give it to a few trusted family and friends to read it and to get feedback and advice from them. Stephenie also said don't fear rejection from query letters or from publishers. Just keep at it and eventually your dreams will come true. 

She told everyone to live their dreams and always keep on writing and reading no matter what! 

Over all her talk was very inspiring and I am so looking forward to reading her new book Life and Death!

You can watch the videos here, thanks again Sue!

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