Book Review: Not That Easy by Radhika Sanghani

Not That Easy
Virgin #2
Author: Radhika Sanghani
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Released: November 3rd 2015
Review Source: Berkley

“Even Bridget Jones’s Diary could take a page from this novel.”—Joan Rivers (on VIRGIN).

Ellie used to be a virgin, but now she’s a woman with sexual experience. Well, some sexual experience. She also has debt, an unpaid magazine internship, and three flatmates who left her with the single room to match her single status.

That’s okay. She doesn’t want a boyfriend anyway—she wants several. And if the sex is exciting enough, her ruthless magazine editor boss can exploit her dating life for a column.

After countless hook-ups, a disastrously fiery encounter with some heat lube, and one orgasm class, Ellie is faced with the sad reality of her sexual ineptitude. But when she starts to witness the emotional wreckage she’s leaving in her wake, Ellie realizes that sex can be hard, and there’s a down side to giving it up too easy.
** This is a New Adult romance novel recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and mature subject matter.**

When I found out about this book I literally squealed out loud. First of all, I had no idea there was going to be a sequel and second I absolutely had a blast with Ellie in Virgin. So we’re back with our sex obsessed ‘not 21 year old virgin anymore’ who just wants casual sex now, a one night stand here or there, no pressure.

Ellie and her friends decide signing up for a dating website is the first step to setting up dates and achieving the ultimate goal, a one night stand. In the beginning Ellie wonders if it’s ever going to happen with all the blunders and mishaps with the first couple of guys, but with disastrous dates comes a good story to tell. Which brings her to her first published column “NSFW” where she writes about all her online dating woes. While Ellie goes through trial and tribulations to achieve her ultimate goal, we get all the gory details and hilarious antics this girl gets herself into. I will say though Ellie definitely annoyed me a little more in this book than Virgin, but I’m okay with being annoyed with a character, as long as the character isn’t annoying the entire book. She makes mistakes, suffers from them, learns from them, and changes because of them. So as long as all that is achieved I can look over the annoying aspects of a character. But the best part of this book is Ellie and her friends, taking back negative connotations towards females who enjoy sex. It’s all about empowering oneself, and not be afraid to be yourself, and if other people have a problem with it, let it be their problem not yours.

Sanghani has strong feminist views in both these books and I think that’s why I enjoyed them so much. Virgin is a book that I’d give my daughter in high school (depending on maturity level of course), and Not That Easy is a book I’d give her going into college. The books are hilarious and fun, Ellie isn’t perfect, nor is she trying to be, but her mistakes are ones that happen, and ones you can learn from. Actually you could probably learn a lot from Virgin and Not That Easy, and get a good laugh along the way. 


  1. I enjoyed the humor of this one more than anything, but Ellie was kind of gross in this one. Still, very worth the read, especially if you've read Virgin.

  2. Ah, I liked the first one :) I didn't realise there would be a second!


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