Which Reader Are You? Author Rachel Hollis Demonstrates (LOL!)

This is not our typical Friday Author Spotlight, today we wanted to share something we happen to see posted on Facebook yesterday that was shared by author/entrepreneur Rachel Hollis that just couldn't be missed.

Get ready to have a good laugh, if your a snorter and your at work, you might wanna cover your mouth just in case. This video will cause snort-worthy laughing.

Surprise!! It's a brand new BOOK video for my fellow readers! Which one of these Book Signing characters are you most like? Tag your friend if she's one of these people too. ;)
Posted by Rachel Hollis on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Author Rachel Hollis

I'm Rachel Hollis and I founded a super cool (and fairly popular) lifestyle blog called The Chic Site. You can check out all that awesomeness at Facebook/TheChicSite. Over there you'll get recipes and organization tips. You'll find out how to run a half marathon and what to serve your family for dinner. It's all about lifestyle and how to best live yours with honesty, a sense of humor and a vat of wine! Over here on this page, you'll see the behind the scenes of how we make that site run, how I write books, what I pack in my carryon on business trips, advice for building your resume or how to start a blog. This is the behind the scenes look at all the chaos of running a media company with a staff of nine while also running a household with three kids and a handsome hubby. It's a hectic, colorful life... come along for the ride!

Check out Rachel Hollis' The Girls series:



  1. OMG LMAO!!! This is hilarious! I'm the one that wants everything signed. And Ana is the over emotional one 😂😂😂 hilarious

  2. Shannon is the one who gets drunk 😂


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