Book Review: Night Night Norah by Genet-Monique Dues

Night Night Norah
Author: Genet-Monique Dues
Illustrator: Dang Bui Family Studios
Reading Level: Children's Ages 0-7
Genres: Family Life | Bedtime Story
Review Source: Purchased

"During playtime Norah imagines she's a bluebird prate princess...
sailing the Soda Pop Seven Seas, in search of the Ice-Cream Sundae Treasure Chest."

With lovely illustrations and fun text, this imaginative story is a perfect way to end the day.

Night Night Norah is such an adorably-cute story to share with young minds. The illustrations are so vivid and colorful and will attract any reader to appreciate the detail. The young readers will stay focus and not lose sight of the story thanks to those drawings. The length is just right from a reading time at school or bedtime at home, does not drag on forever. I personally loved the font used in the story but it might be a little hard to read at first for young readers, they might need help the first time they read it. 

In Night Night Norah, you are introduced to the quirky imagination that Norah posses, as she takes the reader through her whole day of activities. Of course with Norah's imagination, something as simple as eating is taken to another level of cuteness. How can it not be fun to eat lunch when you have a Cow named Esther in a pink kilt visiting or when she is napping she gets a visit from the Dragonfly fairies, its cuteness overload! 

Night Night Norah as I mentioned will be perfect to read to your little ones at bedtime and if your a grade school teacher, this would be a very cute story to read out loud at story time. The author really did a great job when she told Norah's story. 

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