It's A Muggle Monday Recommendation!

We are not wizards or witches, but muggles. We don't live in a magical world... Hogwarts is not home. But don't let this put you down. We don't need magic to transform our world. We have thousands lives to explore and dystopian worlds to travels. From the words of JK Rowling, "The stories we love the best live in us forever".

It's a Muggle Monday Recommendation is a new weekly meme hosted by Once Upon a Twilight in hope that this story will cast a spell over you and live with you forever.

This week is dedicated to a book that I'm surprised I haven't done for a Muggle Monday yet. It holds a special place in my heart and will forever be one of my favorite books ever.

This book is what led me to figure out that my passion was film. I knew I was going to watch the film because of Rob, but when I watched the trailer for the first time I felt it in my body. It was such a strong feeling for me that it overwhelmed me. I watched that trailer so many times trying to figure out what on earth the feeling was. And then I realized Oscars night what the trailer was making me feel. And so if it weren't for Water For Elephants I may not be working towards my dreams. So for that I am thankful. And I then recommend the book to anyone and everyone. 

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  1. I purchased an ebook copy maybe a month ago when it was on sale, but hadn't really considered reading it that soon. Thanks for the recommendation, I think I might try it this month or next!


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