An Invitation to The Hunger Games: The Exhibition San Francisco!

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition celebrates the blockbuster The Hunger Games franchise and Katniss’s epic journey like never before. This dynamic exploration of the art, science, pageantry and history of the world of Panem features iconic costumes, props, and set recreations that highlight the technological wizardry and amazing artistry that brought this world to life. High-tech, hands-on interactives let you dive into exciting behind-the-scenes content, engage deeply with the world of the films, and discover a whole new side of the stories that took the world by storm.

We were honored to be invited for a guide tour at The Hunger Games: The Exhibition San Francisco stop. It was such a blessing and we had the best time. Read our experience and we hope you purchase your ticket, it's worth it!

District Twilight’s Dance

We arrived at the The Hunger Games: THE EXHIBITION upon invitation from the Capitol of LIONSGATE at the Palace of Fine Arts. Once checked in we given a colorful exhibition guide and then escorted to the reception area to mingle with the other participants. At the reception a feast of savory hor d’oeurves and mouth-watering desserts awaited us along with team of beauty consultants that were on hand to transform us into proper citizens of the Capitol.

After being pampered at the reception area we were then escorted to the exhibition center so we could begin our journey. Upon entering we were quickly greeted by the amazing Effie Trinket who gave us a brief introduction of the exhibition and the world wide phenomenon that is THE HUNGER GAMES. Then the doors slowly opened and we walked into the hob in District 12. This area effectively demonstrated the meager living arrangements of the district and if you look closely you will find the mockingjay.

As we moved further into the exhibition we were treated to costumes and set designs from all the THE HUNGER GAMES film franchise.  Our personal favorite was the Hall of Justice set with Effie Trinket standing in attendance in her bright pink suit. That flash of color against the bleak backdrop is simply stunning. We were also awestruck with the final exhibition room that showcased Katniss’ evolution of costumes because it all seemed to bring the entire series together and let’s admit it her costumes were amazing.

We were escorted back to the reception area and we were included in a Q & A with actors Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen) and Elden Henson (Pollux). After a good round of questions we were able to have pictures taken with both actors and then allowed to return to the exhibition.

We excitedly returned to the exhibition hall and given our auditory devices to continue on with our journey and participate in the many interactive games. The blue screen chariot ride was an instant favorite along with the propaganda film that we created. Then we took turns sitting in the interview chair across from Ceasar Flickerman and hamming it up for the cameras (Loved this feature). Another one of most interesting aspects was that we could use our auditory device to see a special hologram at the game makers station.

As we exited the exhibition we were treated to a section of wonderful fan art. There are some extremely talented fans that must be overjoyed to have their artwork displayed. We found it to be a nice finishing touch to the exhibition.

Then we entered the gift shop and just about lost our minds with all the great things that they had to display and sell.

We then thanked everyone for inviting us to this most special occasion and then wistfully walked away carrying memories of the day that will last us forever.


Hours of Operation:
10-7 Sunday through Thursday
10-9 Friday and Saturday
Final entry 45 minutes prior to closing

Venue Information:
Palace of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall
3601 Lyon Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

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