Book Review: Exposed by Ivy Stone

Unguarded #1
Author: Ivy Stone
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: October 12th 2015
Review Source: KDP | NetGalley

We were on opposite sides of the law.

He was a cop.
She was a criminal.
Together we were chaos.
Our worlds collided with a violent crash, the impact stronger than either of us could have ever imagined. But we didn't realize until the damage was done and we had more than just broken bones.
Leaving our hearts unguarded only led to destruction.
It exposed us both to a war we never saw coming.

One explosive encounter brought us together.
One infatuation led to a love like no other.
One secret tore us apart.
This is an New Adult romance novel recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and mature subject matter.

Exposed is just WOW. Lindsey grew up different from others with families, love etc.. When she was just 18 Lindsey and her sister Ali lost their mother. From the moment on, Lindsey took care of her sister. She did what was needed, which was a different kind of life that included breaking the law. But she is great at what she does and ends up living life for work and her sister, of course, untill one day when she meets Mason. Then she wants more and so does as her heart request. They have an unbelievable chemistry and they connect on all levels, except she can't tell him what she does for a living because he is a cop... THINGS JUST GET INTERESTING!

What I enjoyed most about Exposed is seeing Lindsey take charge of her life at a young age and take care of her little sister in the process. I loved seeing the story unfold and the love growth between Lindsey and Mason. Yeah, they had some crazy moments, dangerous moments and plenty of intimate moments! Which were amazing! I love that in the end she got what she always wanted and that is to be loved.

Exposed is an AMAZING story! I was entertained the whole time. I loved every page. I really hope there is another follow up story to Exposed because I would love to know what happens in the future of Lindsey and Mason. If you enjoy a take charge woman in stories, and badass detectives, getting together, loss, love, dangerous stories, then this story is a must!


  1. Looks like my kind of read thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you for the lovely review! Totally made my day! Mason and Lindsey have a novella coming soon. :)


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