Book Review: One Semester: A College Romance by Charlotte Byrd

One Semester: A College Romance
One Love #1
Author: Charlotte Byrd
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: January 28th 2016
Review Source: Byrd Books | NetGalley

5th Grade: Friends
7th Grade: Best Friends
11th Grade: Lovers
12th Grade: Long distance lovers
First Semester of College: Complicated

Two weeks before we were going to start Columbia University together, Tristan dumped me and broke my heart. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from attending my dream school. There’re more than 30,000 students on campus. What were the chances that I’d see him again?

Or so I’d thought. And then I discovered that Tristan was going to be my roommate!

Alice has known Tristan most of her life. They grew up as best friends and later became more. Then, before college started he breaks up with her for no reasons. Alice is heartbroken but decides to still attend the same college as Tristan, thinking the campus is big enough to avoid run in. Once she gets there, she gets a big surprise when she meet her new roommate. Guess who? One of Tristan's ex! Once Alice decides to move on and start new, Tristan is not liking it one bit. This is when the confusion and the chasing begins.

What I enjoyed most about One Semester: A College Romance is watching Alice grow up and start making decisions on her own. She is determined and getting what she wants, or at least what she thinks she wants.

Just to not mope around about Tristan, I loved him. I loved how Tristan could be jealous but still wanted what was best for Alice. He was watching out for her and protecting her when it most counted. I enjoyed reading how Tristan came to his senses to figure out what he really wanted in life. When he realized that sometimes words only go so far and he needed to show Alice how he felt.

This book is great. I was so curious how this story would end. If you enjoy books of ex-couples going away to college thinking they would start a new beginning without each other only to realize they are meant to be...  then take a chance with One Semester: A College Romance.

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