You're in Love, Charlie Brown! #PeanutMovieNight

The Peanuts Movie is available now on DVD and Blu-ray!

One of the best things about blogging is sharing the love of something you really love. Here at Once Upon a Twilight, we started by sharing our love for books. Now, we're sharing our love for movies, TV shows and conventions. It's been quite a ride. Specially with The Peanut Movie.

Right from the very beginning of this movie, we were honored to be invited to spend time with the Director, Writers and Animation Supervisor from The Peanuts Movie in New York City and Los Angeles. You can read more about this event by clicking the picture below:

This last Friday, we had a great time during our movie night hosted by Fox Home Entertainment. We had a blast! From opening the box, to playing with toys (yes, we were acting like 5 years old), to making a Peppermint Patty drink... My friends and I love our Friday Movie Nights. 

As we received our box, we had to shared on Instagram and Snapchat. This package included The Peanuts Movie Limited Edition gift set, Charlie Brown t-shirts, aviator hats, Snoopy plush, Peanuts baseballs, Peanuts kite (totally adorable), football coasters (again, we were playing like 5 years old), Peanuts tumblers, figurines, a Pez set, UNO card game, All detergent and a box of Horizon Organic crackers with cheese. Yes, so much goodies in a box. Of course, we had to put our shirts and hats while playing with our new figurines. Take a look:

After playing with our new toys, we decided to put everything next to our "Woodstock" but they look more like Cookie Monster... LOL

Can you tell we were having fun with our cheesy smiles?

Before starting the movie, we decided to do a Peppermint Patty shot and of course, we had to share it on Snapchat and we had to save it to share it on our recap.

Katie was super excited to start the movie and she just started taking selfies. We even had a serious talk about Peppermint.... If you know what I mean.

The Peanut Movie was amazing, funny and just a reminisce of our childhood. These characters are classic and can never get too old to watch them. They will always make you smile no matter your age. This comical movie is now available in HD and DVD format. So make sure to get your copy.

Disclosure: We received a Peanuts Movie family movie night package. All thoughts belong to us.

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