Book Review: Anyone He Wants: A Billionaire Romance by Lucy Lambert

Anyone He Wants: A Billionaire Romance
Author: Lucy Lambert
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: February 22nd 2016
Review Source: Pub Yourself Press | NetGalley

God, what has he done to me? The fire of desire and want pulsed through my veins...

Alexander Crossley has a major image problem. He's the player, the womanizer, the CEO who gets anything - and anyone - he wants. It's gotten to the point that news networks send their prettiest journalists to interview him, just in the hope that they can get the scoop.

Something has got to change. So when a local school district invites the billionaire to speak at an inner-city school, his PR team jumps at the chance to show their client's caring side. The only problem? He's being sent to the classroom of the prettiest teacher in school, Charlotte "Charlie" Morgan.

When Alexander tries to seduce Charlie, she makes it clear that she's only interested in helping the kids. But what starts as a PR stunt turns into a real reminder of where the billionaire came from and Charlie sees the side of Alexander that he hoped to lock away forever.

He could have anyone he wants. But now, he wants her...

This is an Adult romance novel recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and mature subject matter.

Alex is a wealthy CEO that gets his way in everything, and isn't used to someone, meaning woman, turning him down. So when he meets Charlie she is completely different from any woman he has ever meet. Left and right his advances get him nowhere. Charlie is a high school teacher who loves what she do and her students are important to her. Recently, Charlie has been through a break up and is trying to get her ex out of her mind, so she has thrown herself into her job at full force.

What I enjoyed most about Anyone He Wants reading how Alex is a playboy, going from woman to woman to finding one he really likes. With the way Charlie turns him down, he is seeing woman differently then his normal. I loved how hard he tried to gain her affection but within two weeks he sees she's not falling. I enjoyed how Charlie go from not letting go of her ex to finding someone who would make life better and would do anything to help her let go of the past. Both Charlie and Alex find something special in each other. Yes, there will be trust issues until trust is established but once it is, things become great!

This story has both Charlie and Alex point of views so you get to see both their takes on everything. This story has a playboy CEO who doesn't like relationships or commitments to the opposite sex but changes with Charlie. As for Charlie, she does a lot of growing, as far as just taking it to standing up for herself. Charlie is an inspiration as she does her best to give every to her students. So I highly recommend this story to everyone looking for some type of inspiration.

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