Book Review: Heir To The Sky by Amanda Sun

Heir To The Sky
Author: Amanda Sun
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Released: April 26 2016
Review Source: Harlequin TEEN

As heir to a kingdom of floating continents, Kali has spent her life bound by limits—by her duties as a member of the royal family; by a forced betrothal to the son of a nobleman; and by the edge of the only world she’s ever known—a small island hovering above a monster-ridden earth, long since uninhabited by humans. She is the Eternal Flame of Hope for what’s left of mankind, the wick and the wax burning in service for her people, and for their revered Phoenix, whose magic keeps them aloft.

When Kali falls off the edge of her kingdom and miraculously survives, she is shocked to discover there are still humans on the earth. Determined to get home, Kali entrusts a rugged monster-hunter named Griffin to guide her across a world overrun by chimera, storm dragons, basilisks, and other terrifying beasts. But the more time she spends on earth, the more dark truths she begins to uncover about her home in the sky, and the more resolute she is to start burning for herself.

Kali is a princess who would much rather be like every other person. She wants less responsibilities and she wants to live her life her way. She doesn't want to be forced to married certain people and she would much rather be a young adventurous girl. But her destiny is to be the Eternal Flame of Hope for her kingdom. When she falls off the edge of her world she is amazed at the fact that Earth is still Earth and not at all what she believed it to be.

While this book had me hooked it was a slow read. I enjoyed the story, but it took me forever to actually finish. I'm not completely sure why; I know that Sun described things in great detail so maybe that is what dragged the story for me. But sometimes the descriptions were nice and necessary.

An interesting story, for sure. A part of the world get's ripped away and flown into the air. To then have a kingdom come to be on this little piece of land in the air, where the people are taught that human's and what Earth once was is now extinct. To find out that all of that is a farce.

While the story could've been a good one, it didn't grip me. I wish she had fallen off the edge of her kingdom sooner than she had. Of course I understand why she didn't, but I really wish we had just jumped right into that part of the story.

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  1. Nice! I am super curious about this one, though I am sad to hear it wasn't everything you were hoping for! A princess falling out of her sky kingdom does sound rather like a fun story! Hopefully I will be able to enjoy it! It always worries me when blogger friends didn't enjoy a book I only recently got excited about. But still, very nice review!


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