Book Review: Shuffle, Repeat by Jen Klein

Shuffle, Repeat
Author: Jen Klein
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Released: May 3, 2016
Review Source: Random House

When Harry Met Sally for YA romance readers. This opposites-attract love story is perfect for fans of Huntley Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Perkins, and Jenny Han.

June wants high school to end and real life to begin. Oliver is soaking up senior year’s glory days. They could have coasted through high school, knowing about—but not really knowing—each other.

Except that their moms have arranged for Oliver to drive June to school. Every. Single. Day.

Suddenly these two opposites are fighting about music, life . . . pretty much everything. But love is unpredictable. When promises—and hearts—get broken, Oliver and June must figure out what really matters. And then fight for it.

Oliver and June. I love the sound of those names together. Oliver and June. Those names alone are just meant to be together. Which was not the case when I dived into Shuffle, Repeat. Both Oliver and June's mom were long time bff's. June and her mom just moved into a new house and since June doesn't drive they decided Oliver (who now lives close by) would pick her up every morning for school. This is their senior year by the way. THE year everyone waits for during their high school career. Oliver is all jock and full of school spirit and June is all "I can't wait for bigger and better things" and "high school means nothing."

Their first interaction (and pretty much every interaction actually) will make you swoon. These two could not be more opposite and it only takes a second for them to see that. They soon come up with a game. Each time Oliver makes a great and valid point of why time in high school matters he gets to add a song to a playlist they will listen to every morning. And, each time June makes a solid point as to why high school and the memories you make mean nothing she gets to add a song.

Slowly Oliver begins to unravel June. I. Love. Them. Together. Apart, not so much. At least not June. She's kind of mean at times but you'll understand why and you'll still root for her.

Shuffle, Repeat is the cutest YA story I've read so far this year! It was a fast and easy read, you'll find yourself done with the book before you know it.


  1. I love the sound of this! The game sounds like a lot of fun and I'm curious now to see who has more songs in the playlist. Thanks for the review :D

  2. AAWWWW. This sounds too cute! I saw it on goodreads yesterday but your review definitely sold me on it!


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