Day 3 at #ECCC!

Well, it's here. Tomorrow is the last day of comic con! I'm insanely sad. This has been such an amazing experience and opportunity for me. I'm so thankful that they allowed me to be Press and that I have been able to attend some amazing panels and do some pretty good things!

So. To start of today I took the light rail. Insanely easier than trying to find parking! And got me to the con on time! But! As I was walking from the Light Rail to the Convention Center I passed multiple parking garages that had some spots open...let's just say I was unhappy that I didn't drive up to Seattle - I'll be doing that tomorrow. But I'm glad I made it on time!

I started the day off with interviewing one of my all time favorite authors for the blog! (I will be posting that within a few days so keep a look out for that!) The interview went wonderfully and Mary was such a nice person. It was nice to be able to just chat. I then attended her panel right after the interview (which I will have a more detailed description of with the interview!). The panel was SO interesting and so I said. Keep a look out for my post with the interview and panel!

So after the panel I went over to their table to get some books signed - I'm a major fan of Mary's and NEEDED my Remnant Chronicles signed. I had also recently received Faith Erin Hicks' book so I got that signed. And Scott Bergstrom had only just gotten his book in manuscript form. First 50 people in line got one! So they made sure that I got a copy!

I also got some goodies from Mary that she had brought with her for the signing!

After the signing I then headed over to Linda Ballantyne's autographing table. AKA Sailor Moon. Where you could also get pictures taken with her! So I went and got a picture with Linda Ballantyne who just so happens to be the sweetest person ever! I went up to her in my outfit - I was dressed as Sailor Moon today - and she gushed over me. "Well look at you! Don't you look amazing?!" I had planned on telling her that Sailor Moon has basically been my idol since I could remember. My first diary was Sailor Moon and I loved it so much. One of my earliest memories is of going to my grandparents house in Cali and making my mom make sure she knew which channel Sailor Moon came on for me. And all I could tell her was "Thanks!" and that I wanted a picture with her. She was all "Of course!" And so we went and stood by the ECCC backdrop. We first posed all regular.

I was dying in this picture. And I realized she was doing the Sailor Moon pose which had me freaking out even more! After this she goes "Oh wait. Should we do the Sailor pose?" I was like "We must!"

I'm not sure how I survived. If you can't tell from my face I was happy. I was clearly trying to pose as Sailor Moon, but I kept remembering I was WITH Sailor Moon and I couldn't contain my happiness. When we were done taking this picture she said "Seriously! You look amazing!" And gave me a hug. I seriously died. She was super nice!

Right after that I headed over to the main stage. I had an hour and a half before the Nathan Fillion panel but I just wanted to see if there was a line or anything. So glad I did because I actually got a seat. They were seating everyone when I got there so I went in and found the first free seat. It was in the very back of the sitting area, but it was worth it. We filled the entire Main Stage area. Behind me there were probably 100+ people standing. It was insane. But honestly so worth it.

I won't lie. I have always found him attractive. I just hadn't watched his shows. My Uncle had told me that I needed to watch Firefly and that I would love it. But it took me until last month to actually watch it. I would've loved this panel if I hadn't, but watching Firefly and then attending this panel was even better!

Let me tell you something. Find the biggest Firefly fan and multiply that by a million and you have Nathan Fillion. He talked about when Firefly was canceled and how everyone was trusting the buzz of it happening and he kept telling everyone "No...we've got a great show...nothings going to happen to it." And we were all laughing so hard. I found out that his favorite show right now is The Walking Dead and that he loves Norman Reedus because he's so down to earth. He's met other Walking Dead stars and they're all down to earth which makes him love them even more. 

When he watches a TV Show though he looks for something to help him escape. Being a filmmaker I understand this. He watches TV shows and if the writing, acting. cinematography, etc. is bad he's focused on that and not paying attention to the story. This happens to me too. But with The Walking Dead he's focused on the story, he's yelling at his TV, he's gasping and on the edge of his seat. 

He also wanted us to know that Seattle has the most genuinely nice people. He said New Yorkers are super nice but when they ask for something they do it so abruptly that it's almost scary, like they're yelling at you! But here everyone is super nice. He was really glad he was able to come to Emerald City finally!

Seriously, I was a fan of him before the panel. But after the panel I believe I will call myself a mega fan! He was also so nice, during the Q&A he made sure to say hi to everyone who asked a question, and thank you. So they'd be like "Hey, my name is ____" And he'd be like "Hey ____" and I basically died because if I had asked a question just him saying that would've made me super happy.

After the Nathan Fillion panel I went to a panel called How To Be A Nerd For  A Living. Which is a panel that talks about just that. Being a Nerd for a living. There is a podcast that is based off of this, where a different "nerd" is on every week basically giving us an "origin story" of how they got into the industry that they're in. 

I want to be an editor for film, so this was an inspiring panel for me. It also gave me the courage to try and network. One of my biggest challenges within this industry is networking. I feel like I'm too shy and that if I'm not too shy no one is going to be there to help me. This panel squashes that type of thinking and basically was all about how you need to put yourself out there, how you need to surround yourself with the right people, and basically how you need to believe in yourself.

Some amazing things happened today, and I still have one more day and a hobbit to meet! I really cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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