Final Day At #ECCC!

Today was my last day at Emerald City Comic Con! I'm so sad that it is over! But honestly I could probably use the rest....

This weekend has been amazingly fun, and it taught me the one thing that I should have been doing already.

I really want a career in film, and I feel like I'm one of the shiest people out there. But this weekend was all about networking and making connections! I made some amazing connections that I hope will help me in the future!

The main thing that happened for me today was meeting Sean Astin! I also found out - weird fact - I went to high school with his cousin...not that we talked about it but a friend saw that I met him and was like hey! so-and-so is his cousin and I was like wait....I could've had the chance to meet him before....?!

Anyways, back to the story of meeting him. The line moved fairly quick, which was nice. And when I got into the booth the first thing I saw that he had on that made me grin from ear to ear was that he was wearing his Hobbit ears. I wanted to hug him, just for that alone. But this time his assistants before the pictures said no hugs. So I was like oh man....I'm not sure what to do. And he was nice and totally took the reigns from there.

He was like "Hey! Come join the party!" And gave me his arm. I've never been offered an arm before - guys never do that anymore. I basically died. I was like "Of course I'll come join the party!" And we took the picture. He patted my arm and he acted like he was going to walk out with me then he turned to me and said "Alright...what do you say we blow this Popsicle stand?" I started laughing and he smiled and was like "Nah, just kidding" and I laughed and was like "Thank you! Have a great day!" because apparently my retail skills kicked in and made me want to wish him a good day. I'm not sure. But I then left and got my print of my picture.

I attended 3 panels today. The first was about making it into the film industry - which is where I tried to network. In this panel we basically talked about how we need to network to make it in this industry. They also said that you have to be 100% positive that this is what you want to do because if you'll be happier doing something else and want this industry for the glam aspects then you will never make it.

The second panel....I'm disappointed. I was so looking forward to it. It was about the Wizard of least I thought it was going to only be about Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz...I was WAAAYYYY wrong. I walked into a way of life. Did you know there is a club you can join for the wizard of oz? Did you know there are Wizard of Oz conventions?! Did you know there are - I think they said - 40 or more books about the Wizard of Oz?! I definitely didn't....and I was a little shocked.

The last panel was for a series called Strowlers. This show is actually kind of cool because what the creators are allowing fans to do is help them write the universe. The creators are based here in Seattle - they "wrote" Seattle's plot for Strowlers, now they want other people/places/countries to write their own stories and then they will make it into the show! I found that to be so unique and awesome! If you want to check it out - click here!

I have been so blessed! I never in a million years would've thought I would've been able to attend comic con for the whole weekend! 

My favorite part of the weekend though would have to be this moment:

I never thought I'd actually get to meet Norman, let alone hug him. And to have him so willing for me to hug him in the picture made my day. Technically weekend.

It's a bittersweet moment for me. I'm excited to catch up on sleep finally, but I'm really going to miss the fun times that I had while at this convention!

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