Book Review: The Wedding Agreement by Elizabeth Hayley

The Wedding Agreement
Strictly Business #3
Author: Elizabeth Hayley
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Released: May 3rd 2016
Review Source: Signet

The author of Just Say Yes is back with another sweet and sultry Strictly Business novel about working hard and falling harder into an unexpected romance...

Love doesn’t always follow the same schedule...

Alex Walker doesn’t need a woman in his life. In fact, he doesn’t have time for one. Between his career in the FBI and the demands of being good father, romance is an unwanted distraction.

Likewise, Cassidy Mullen is fine on her own. The independent career woman has never had a husband in her plans—forget about kids. But when her friend Alex gets into a bind with his ex over their daughter, Cass finds herself suddenly playing the part of Alex’s stable, child-loving fiancée—and liking it a lot more than she’d care to admit.

Soon Alex and Cass can’t deny the real passion growing between them. But as fake affection turns into real love, Cass and Alex will have to make a choice: say “I Do” to their feelings or give up on happily-ever-after for good...

This is an Adult novel recommended for ages 18+ due to mature subject matter.

Cassidy a.k.a. Cass is a hard worker and has put her career ahead of everything. She has never been the the type of woman who wants to get married or even have children. She has watched her mother and sisters take care of their families but feels they'd to have given up everything. Even those important things to them. Alex is divorced and has a young daughter and like Cass, Alex is all about his job. Which is the reason for this divorce. So, in order to get Alex his daughter for the summer, Cass makes up this lie about the two of them getting married. Little do they know the end results.

What I enjoyed most about The Wedding Agreement is reading two people go from not wanting any sort of relationship outside of the bedroom, to being in this fake engagement and having things change between them... to finally ending up in love. They create a beautiful bond and although they run into some bumps on the way, they make the perfect family. I loved how both had to face their fears and open up more with themselves, to figure out if this relationship was worth being miserable alone. At the end they learn that life is more than just work. And the ending was my favorite part.

I loved reading every minute of The Wedding Agreement! There are a lot of LOL moments yet with a charming little girl, this story will make you swoon. This story is about a couple of hard working people who just see themselves as alone and not get into any commitment with anyone. As one was hurt and the other feels like it would require giving up everything up to become a wife and mother. Not realizing that at every turn and decision in life can do eventually end at that path. Take a leap of faith with The Wedding Agreement.

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