What I'm Looking Forward to the Most at #MegaCon!

All conventions of this type (where all things geeky are celebrated: anime, comics, movies, TV shows, video games) usually have celebrities from our favorite fandoms, booths with amazing merchandise, photo and autograph ops with the celebs. But I must admit my two favorite things of all the cons are the panels and seeing people in costumes (aka cosplay).

I love going to the panels because, despite the fact that you’re in a room with about a hundred other people, it feels like you’re just hanging out with the celebrity –or celebrities –that are there. People get to ask questions, you get to see them in person a few feet away, and you get to sort of imagine what it’s like to just hang out with them. But, most cool of it all, is that you get to realize they’re just people like you and me. For example, last year at SuperCon here in Miami, I got to attend Hayley Atwell’s panel. I absolutely loved her in Captain America: The First Avenger and then as the kick ass woman that she is in Agent Carter, but seeing her there and how cool and sweet she is, made me love her even more. She was wearing no make up, by the way, and she looked stunning! She was gracious and funny, and sweet and she even walked to the edge of the stage so everyone present could come out in a pic with her. It was so cool!

In this pic, I didn't even have to use zoom! 

So, at MegaCon, I am absolutely not going to miss her panel (I am so excited to see her again!), along with many others. I am sure Stan Lee, John Barrowman, Lena Headey, the stars from the Harry Potter movies, and the cast of The Walking Dead will all have panels and I am thrilled to be able to attend those –or, at least, most of them! This fangirl will be having a hard time containing herself in front of so many celebrities she so dearly loves!

But, my absolute favorite part about all cons: the costumes! For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved dressing up! As a kid I looked forward to Halloween more than I did for Christmas (still true to this day), and all because I got to dress up! For cons, I always wear a cosplay –or at least a nerdy tee shirt –and MegaCon will be NO exception. I’m still trying to decide what I am going to wear because, so many cosplays I wan to do!

I also can’t wait to see the attendees costumes. Some people put in a lot of work and effort into theirs and I admire that.

I remember at SuperCon last year I saw a guy that was dressed as Jon Snow and looked like him, that it would make you do a double take, and his friend looked like Robb Stark:

At SDCC I saw a guy that looks so much like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine that he cosplayed as him and people actually thought it was Hugh:

And at Animate! Miami I saw a girl who had done her Princess Mononoke costume and it looked like she stepped out of the movie:

I can go on, but then the list would never end! My point is that seeing people’s costumes is definitely the best part of a con for me! 

Can’t wait to see what panels I get to attend and cosplays I get to see at MegaCon.

Go get your tickets before they sell out and look for us while there and say hi!

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