Audiobook Review: The Season by Jonah Lisa Dyer & Stephen Dyer

The Season
Author: Jonah Lisa Dyer & Stephen Dyer
Narrator: Erin Spencer
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Thriller
Released: February 23rd 2016
Publisher: Viking Children's | Penguin Random House Audio | Living Language

She can score a goal, do sixty box jumps in a row, bench press a hundred and fifty pounds…but can she learn to curtsey?

Megan McKnight is a soccer star with Olympic dreams, but she’s not a girly girl. So when her Southern belle mother secretly enters her in the 2016 Dallas debutante season, she’s furious—and has no idea what she’s in for. When Megan’s attitude gets her on probation with the mother hen of the debs, she’s got a month to prove she can ballroom dance, display impeccable manners, and curtsey like a proper Texas lady or she’ll get the boot and disgrace her family. The perk of being a debutante, of course, is going to parties, and it’s at one of these lavish affairs where Megan gets swept off her feet by the debonair and down-to-earth Hank Waterhouse. If only she didn’t have to contend with a backstabbing blonde and her handsome but surly billionaire boyfriend, Megan thinks, being a deb might not be so bad after all. But that’s before she humiliates herself in front of a room full of ten-year-olds, becomes embroiled in a media-frenzy scandal, and gets punched in the face by another girl.

The season has officially begun…but the drama is just getting started.

The Season is a cute story and the audiobook is quick, which is perfect for a day at the beach.

Megan is a sporty girl. She loves being active and has a dream to play soccer in college. However, this is not easily accomplished and she is doing everything in her power to get a shot in her last year. Yet things gets more complicated as her mother enrolls her to a Southern belle competition and she is not very happy about this. I don't blame her, as she is not into make-up nor dressing up as a doll. But like her mother tells her, this competition is more than the eyes can see. And she was right, Megan does learns more than beauty and being a "girly girl", she learns a lesson from life.

Megan may not be a girly girl, but she is sure sarcastic and sassy! I liked her character as I myself do not consider myself as a girly girl. She's a well rounded character, one can easily like. But what I loved most about Megan is the fact that she loves herself and is not afraid to be herself. Although the story is cute, funny and somewhat entertaining, I didn't like the romance. Megan is such a fierce character, she really didn't need a love interest. This book could've been all about girl power.... no boys, no romance. Specially since I didn't feel the connection (more like the lack of) between she and Hank. It was more of an awkward situation... I don't know how to explain it but it felt rushed and pushed.

Erin Spencer does a great job embracing Megan's character. She had me laughing when Megan was being sarcastic, giggle when she was embarrassed and showed pride when Megan was being a good sister. I really enjoyed her narrating this book. So if you're looking for an audiobook to listen while you rest at the beach, then you should give The Season a chance.

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