#MegaCon2016 Orlando Cosplay Recap

As much as I love attending panels and meeting celebrities, I have to say my favorite part of attending cons has got to be seeing all the amazing cosplays. Fans put so much time, effort, and money into making their cosplays that it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Walking through the con, well, mostly walking from one panel to another, we got to see many amazing cosplays walking around. We managed to get lots of them on photo and, after seeing how amazing, thoughtful, and sometimes downright funny a lot of them were, I decided they needed their own article.

Here are my favorite cosplays:

Awesome Hagrid costume 

Snitch Doggie 

He kind of looks like David!


From one of my favorite movies!

Such a classic

This cosplay is so epic!

Hades from "Hercules", very original

I love that Batman is photobombing Tinkerbell

Who remembers this guy?

Cutest ever!

Of course couldn't let go of an opportunity to take a pic with a young Steve Rogers/Captain America! Swooning so hard!

Aw, this is love!

Negan at the Tom Payne ("Jesus" on The Walking Dead) panel

One of my most favorite ones

This was an epic lightsaber battle

Snipper Storm Trooper. No worries, he missed everyone he tried to shoot

Kreager from "Archer"

And Archer himself!

My favorite Studio Gibli movie: "Howl's Moving Castle"

Another classic!

This was one of the most unique cosplays I saw!

This is talent and dedication!

I met Tony Stark guys!

This was one of the most hilarious cosplays: Batman with his sidekicks and enemies, after old age

But this was BY FAR my favorite video of the entire con

Hope you liked and appreciated these cosplays as much as I did!

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