Orlando #MegaCon2016 Recap: Day 3, Sunday

Sunday is traditionally the slowest day of any con (at the San Diego Comic Con, by noon on Sunday, all vendors start picking up already!), so Tairina and I took advantage of the fact that there weren’t many panels today to finally be able to enjoy the vendors and the exhibits.

But, not before getting the only other photo op we splurged on:

With the amazing and best hugger in the world: John Barrowman! It was the best squeeze ever, as you can see from my face (insert big smile emoticon here).

Next up we went walking around and seeing some of the art and exhibits they had there! So many cool things, not enough money, as usual.

Here are some of the pics and video we got from the exhibits:

We love Wall-E!

I couldn't let an opportunity to blow a kiss at my favorite Doctor pass by! 

 This incredibly awesome piece of art work was done (and signed) by none other than Sam Ellis, Lead Illustrator on the show "Archer"

Got this pin-up style artwork of one of my favorite girls for myself 

And we concluded our day (before driving 4 hours back to Miami) by attending the Tom Felton panel.

Being in the presence of yet another Harry Potter actor was the best, most epic way for me to finish this amazing con. Tom told us so many awesome stories about being on set, he made us laugh and swoon all while being super sweet and humble. He even got up and gave a fan a hug when she started to cry because she told him that her BFF was recently diagnosed with cancer and couldn’t attend the con.

Thank you MegaCon Orlando for an amazing Memorial Day weekend! Best yet: they announced during this con that they now will be in Tampa for the weekend of October 28th-30th with none other than DAVID TENNANT! You read right! The most beloved Doctor is coming to Florida, so start saving and planning to go because (to make it even better) Billie Piper will be joining him there too! She told us at the panel on Friday! See you all then!

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