Shrek #Swampathon Family Movie Night!

It's been years since I first tried, yes tried, to watch the first movie of Shrek. Honestly, I never finished it. To say the least, my friends were talking about Shrek hours before receiving the email for the Swampathon. My friends were shocked when I told them I never finished Shrek and never tried to watch it again. Obviously, they told me I needed to get to it pronto and when the email was opened and read, I had to say yes. I swear, it was like destiny was trying to tell me to watch Shrek.

As I received the items for the movie night, my friends were acting like 2 years old. As I stood in the sideline watching them fight over who will keep Fiona... I was wondering why. Little did I know, Fiona is a fierce character. So know I know why they were fighting LOL.

After everyone looked at the packaged, we took some pictures and save the game for last. As the kids, the real kids, were not home yet. (HA! The grown ups were having a movie night, while the kids were out parting, the irony!). We gather our popcorn, cold drinks and started watching the movie.

Although Shrek is a scary guy, he has a big heart. Which is why it is important to never judge a book by its cover. Each of these movies have great messages, from not judging to appreciating what you have to learning how to forgive. Shrek is more than meets the eyes. His movies surprised me and now I am really ashamed for not starting sooner. 

The films have some humorous moments, specially with Puss in Boots, great music and a mystery surrounding the plots. It's a great movie to spend time with family and friends. Overall, I really enjoyed all the movies and I hope everyone give it a chance. 

Look how adorable he is!

One of my favor parts of the third movie is when Shrek realizes his mistakes. Sometimes life gives you lemons, but one has to learn how to make lemonade and enjoy it. Instead of walking away and giving up. Thankfully, he didn't give up easily and fought for the love of his life and his family. 

Even Jax wanted to join the fun!

Again, thank you Fox Home Insiders for providing us an amazing package to host a movie night with our love ones. So if you haven't watch any of Shrek's movies, I highly suggest that you start soon!

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