Book Review: Forever Blue by Abby Wilder

Forever Blue
Author: Abby Wilder
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genres: Romance | Mystery
Released: June 17th 2016
Review Source: Author

I broke the surface and gulped in air, running my hands over my face to push the water away. A raindrop splattered on my cheek. He did not rise. Seven more raindrops in quick succession splattered against my skin. And still, he did not rise. The heavens opened and rain fell like a sheet, blanketing me, cutting me off from the rest of the world. I thought it was the end of everything. But I was wrong."

Brothers, Ruben and Judah Mitchell, used to be close, but that was before they met Cara Armistead. Once she moved in next door the brothers grew further and further apart, until the tension between them led to an event which left one dead and the other branded by the aftermath.

One year later, after the death of her baby brother destroyed her family, Lennon Donnelly has moved back to her home town of Puruwai. While visiting the cemetery she finds a boy sitting on a gravestone, a boy with secrets in his past, but someone who finally sees her. Accused by the town as a killer, he reaches out to Lennon, but as their relationship deepens the events of the year before present themselves in a way no one could have imagined.

Have you ever watched a horror film then straight after put something light and fun on the TV because the movie scared you? Forever Blue gave me similar feels. I read the last page and I knew I couldn't read anything which wasn't light and cute for a while. I was taken on a journey I didn't expect but very much loved. And at the end, I thought I had that figured out, too. I didn't. That got me the most.

Forever Blue tells the tale of brothers Judah and Ruben and how their lives went from okay to a very quick downwards spiral. People die and others accused. Once good friendships are now filled with hatred. And the truth got buried along with the dead. It's only when Lennon Donnelly arrives on the scene that the truth starts coming to light.

Forever Blue is devourable. Throughout the whole book it's like one big puzzle fitting together. It masterfully mixed romance and mystery and entices the reader deeper into the world. The characters were full of life, vulnerability and secrets. I felt love, excitement and was caught off balance tremendously at the end.

"He knew this was the end. He knew there was no other choice. And he didn't fight. He smiled sadly as the water rushed  in through the open window"

It's a hauntingly beautiful tale of truth and sacrifice you won't want to miss out on any of it.



  1. Definitely sounds like a good read. I like spooky stories over the gory ones. The ones where you never know what is around the corner not the ones where it is in your face obvious.

    1. It's fantastic. It has a plot where you can't be certain what's going to happen, then with the ending, it messed up my head and it makes you wonder if that's actually what happened...


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