#SaltLakeCity Win ROE Passes to #FlorenceFosterJenkins or Limited Edition Promo

Florence Foster Jenkins
Director: Stephen Frears
Writers:  Nicholas Martin
Starring:  Rebecca Ferguson, Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant
MPAA Rating: Not rated
Official Socials: Site | Facebook Twitter | Instagram | IMDb
Hashtag: #FlorenceFosterJenkins
The story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice.

FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS is now in theaters! To celebrate, we are giving away a pass for you and a guest to see the film in theaters or a limited edition promo item. Just email AlliedIMSLC@gmail.com and include "FFJ Giveaway" in the subject line along with your name and address to enter to win. This film is already receiving Oscar buzz, so you don't want to miss this opportunity to see it in theaters! #IAmFlorence #FlorenceFosterJenkins #EveryVoiceDeservesToBeHeard

Salt Lake City, UT

August 9th, 2016
(Have your passes ready to show at the door)

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