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Ok, so we all know that at Animate Florida there are tons of things to do during the day: panels, play video games, get photo ops and/or autographs with your favorite celebrity, wonder around the vendor hall and buy  awesome merch till you max out your credit cards (please spend responsibly!). All fun things...But, did you know there are tons of things to do at night time too?

Yes! Animate Florida has a ton of fun activities to do at night time! Some are kid friendly, and some are for adults only. Just make sure you go to at least one of these events so that you can get the full con experience!

Here are the after party parties that will be happening:

On Friday September 16th

8-8:45PM - Animate Florida Runway Costume Contest: This one is for all ages and anyone can enter. It will be runway style and prizes will be given out as well! It allows all costumes; that means it doesn't matter if you bought it or if you made it, you can participate if you want to. This will be taking place in the Main Events Stage. For more info, click here.

8-10PM - Celebrity V.I.P. Party: This one is V.I.P. pass holders only. It's a cool way to get to mingle and chat up your favorite celebrity. For those of you who go, have fun! This will be happening at the Hilton Ballroom.

8-9:30PM - Revenge of the Nerd Comics: This is a stand-up comedy show hosted by Lisa Corrao (who I know and is hilarious) while she brings upon the stage other comedians who also happen to be nerds (I know a lot of the ones performing as well, like my friend Quills, check her out!). This event will be held at Ballroom A-B and is PG-13.

10PM - Hotel Karaoke Party: Once the V.I.P. Party starts to wind down, they're going to be opening the doors to everyone and anyone attending the con to join in at the Karaoke Party for the rest of the night! DJ Anim8ted will be your host, and they even have a cash bar! Get those vocals ready to sing the night away!

10:15-11PM - Animate Florida Supergirls and Superboys "Late Night" Costume Contest: Like the first costume contest of the night, this will be taking place at the Main Events Stage. Only this costume contest is showcasing favorite heroes and villains. They invite people dressed up as one of those in either a video game, TV show, movie, cartoon/anime, etc. It's only for those over the age of 17 and it's also runway style! If you want more info on his contest, go here to read up on what the prices are and their contest rules.

10:30PM-1AM - There's going to be a rave (in Ballroom A-B)!

11:30PM-12:15AM - Cupcake Burlesque: This is for 18+ only since it's a sexy show of some gorgeous ladies dancing the Animation Sinsations show!

On Saturday September 17th

Funnily enough, this is a sort of slow night compared to Friday night...

7:15-9:15PM - Costume Competition: This one is only for hand-made cosplay (all levels are allowed, they want everyone to have a fair chance to win). The winner of Best in Show gets $1,000, but they have over $2,500 to give out in cash prizes. If you think you can win, go to the Main Events Stage and participate. If you want to know all the contest rules, go to this link and read up on those before you decide to enter.

9:15-10:45PM - Lip Sync in Costume Royale: This one sounds like fun! Contestants in cosplay will lip sync in 3 battles. The winner will be the "BEST Lip Sync Cosplayer of the Night". If you want to participate in this one, head on over to Room 316.

9:45-11:45PM - Panty and Stocking PJ Party: The first 18+ party of the night is this PJ party! Panty (Jamie Marchi) and Stocking (Monica Rial) invite to put on your spunkiest PJ, bring the best curse words you know and have some uncensored fun. They will be partying it up in Ballroom A-B.

11:15PM-12:15AM - Let's Make it Gay: Room 305 will be full of laughter when you see scenes of your favorite shows get dubbed and turned hilariously and inappropriately gay. This one is for those over the age of 18.

11:30PM-12:3AM - Cupcake Burlesque: Another night of burlesque (yas!), only this show is called "Talk Nerdy to Me". Remember, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed in.

11:45PM-2AM - Another night of rave! Go party it up in Ballroom A-B

12:30-2AM - Saturday Night Karaoke: Tonight it's Room 305 that turns into a Karaoke Party!

On Sunday September 18th

Seeing as it's Sunday and the last day of the con (and everyone is probably pretty beat from a whole weekend of partying), there won't be as much going on and, what is going on, will be held early. Here are the events taking place Sunday:

6:30-8PM - Animate Florida Masquerade Costume and Performance Competition: This competition is not just about the costume, but also about the performance! You can enter as individual or in a group and put on a performance as the character you are cosplaying as. Best in show gets $500 (and they have over $1,500 in cash prizes as well)! Check out what their rules are here.

6:30-8PM - Revenge of the Nerd Comics: Lisa Corrao is back for one more night of comedy with a bunch of hilarious local comedians and I guarantee you they are pee-in-your-pants-funny. If you didn't go on Friday or Saturday (at 4:30PM), then don't miss this chance to laugh the night away by going to Ballroom A-B.

6:45-8PM - Animate Cosplay Dating Game: This will be hosted by Harley's Love Shack and you have to be in cosplay to enter and participate, but anyone can go to watch. This will be held at Room 316.

There are also various viewings of animated shows that are only for mature audiences (such as Rick and Morty, Fairy Tale, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, etc.) in different rooms throughout the whole weekend.

I hope to have enough time to go to most of these night time events. Which ones are you planning to go to? (comment below)

See you guys there!


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