The Top 5 Things I am Looking Forward to the Most At #AnimateFlorida

Guys! Animate Florida is only a few days away! How excited are you? I know I am very!

If you need more convincing to go, check out some of the highlights of what's going to be happening at Animate this weekend (in other words, the 5 things I'm looking forward to the most):

1 - There will be lots and lots of booths and tables of vendors and artists displaying their awesome merchandize. That means lots of beautiful art work, geeky chic home decor items, cool tees and hats and hair accessories and shoes and... you get the point.

2 - We all know that one of the biggest features of this con is their spotlight on video games. Well, at Animate Florida, there will be 15,000 square feet of video games. You read that right: fifteen THOUSAND square feet! You know what that means? Many opportunities to geek out and make new friends while playing video games! How awesome is that?

3 - Panels and more panels! There are going to be so many cool panels to attend because Animate's guest list is pretty rad!

4 - Getting to see and hopefully meet some of the most famous voice actors. Last year (as you saw in my post last week), I got to hang out and even take the best selfie ever with Zach Callison, who is the voice of Steven in Steven's Universe. Let's see who I get to take a pic with this year....

5 - My favorite thing is seeing the cosplays, as I've said so many times before already (LOL). I can NOT wait to see the amazing cosplays the guests will have! As well as the ones the famous cosplayers that'll be there will be wearing. Some of the most famous ones that'll be there are Gothic Sushi, Mia Ackerman Cosplay, Kiki Kannon, amongst many others.

Have you gotten your tickets yet? No? What are you waiting for? Go and get them already!

See you guys there!

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