#ECCC Day 1

Day 1 of Emerald City Comic Con was a success! My friend and I literally just shopped the floor for the first half of the day. I came out with some awesome stuff though. 

After we shopped for the first half of it we went and watched a light saber battle. It was awesome, and I had thought that I would be able to learn how to wield a lightsaber...but it was actually only for children...

But then we saw this amazing Star Wars exhibit that we were able to go through that had a ton of props and things for us to get our picture with.

And after this exhibit we saw a Lego exhibit that had a ton of cool different fandom like scenes built out in Legos!

After that we did two panels. The first one was all about Joss Whedon and the universe's that he has created. And where certain authors are taking his beloved characters from the Buffy series and the Firefly series!

 And the last panel was this hilarious improv group that created a Star Trek scene based on the suggestions from the audience!

We also saw some AMAZING Cosplays today!

All in all today was great. But tomorrow starts off with meeting Stan Lee...I'm not sure any day will top tomorrow. But I cannot wait to see how the rest of the con plays out!

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