We Are Going to MegaCon Orlando 2017! @MegaCon

Once again we have been approved to attend MegaCon Orlando!!! My excitement cannot be contained! As you all may know by now, I love love love attending cons for various geeky reasons, and to be able to attend MegaCon (one of the biggest cons in the country) once more makes my little heart flutter. So much to do and so much to see!

MegaCon has over 400,000 square feet of shopping madness that I cannot wait to walk around, and enjoy looking at the wonderful things fellow nerds create! It's so hard to not spend all your spare cash there because there are truly gorgeous art work, amazingly creative tee shirts, jewelry for every geek in your life, and so much more. Actually, almost all the art displayed around my house I have bought at a con from an amazing geeky artist. Let's see what treasures I find this year!

There are also tons and tons of parties and activities and much, much more, but that I will be covering in a later article (there's too much for just one!). 

What I want to talk about the most is about my favorite part of all cons: the celebrity panels. And of how excited my little fangirl heart is because of the guests that are coming this time around (last year my Potterhead heart almost exploded with so many Harry Potter guests that attended) because they are basically having a guest from almost every one of my favorite fandoms. 

Let me show you!

1- Harry Potter
My #1 favorite fandom of all time is -and for ever will be -Harry Potter. One the best characters (because of his amazing character development throughout the series) is Neville; not to mention that Matthew Lewis has become one of the hottest men on the planet...and he's coming to MegaCon!!!! Can NOT wait to attend his panel! Expect lots of pics from this hottie!

2- Doctor Who
This fandom is one that I admit creeped up into my fangirl heart. I remember one day a few years ago my brother was watching one of the episodes with David Tennant (the one called "Daleks in Manhattan") and when I saw human sized pigs walking and talking I said "THAT'S Doctor Who?" and I rolled my eyes in disapproval. Fast forward to two years ago when I finally caved and decided I'd start watching some episodes to "see what the big fuss is about". Three episodes in (I started with the reboot, so with the 9th Doctor), I was hooked; and I wasn't even done with the first season when I understood what all that fuss is about. My favorite Doctor is 11th (and I've had the honor of meeting Matt Smith, we will be announcing our wedding soon by the by) and my favorite companions are Donna and Martha (yes, I know I am pretty much alone in this), with my favorite character out of all of them, of all the seasons being River Song. 

BUT I will attend the panel and meet any and every actor from this fandom I now love so much, so I am very excited to have learned today that they've added Arthur Darvill, who played Rory Williams: the last centurion and most dedicated and loving husband I've ever seen in my life. I loved how his character went from being a shy, dorky guy, to such a confident and amazing man. He is #futurehusbandgoals. Oh, and some of you may know him is from Legend of Tomorrow, but he was Rory first lol. 

The other actor from Doctor Who (so far, I hope!) is Jenna Coleman. Even though she played my least favorite companion, I have to admit she seems like a pretty cool gal in real life. And she worked with Matty (insert heart eye emoji), so I will be attending her panel as well and hopefully get to meet her too!

3- Superheroes
Since I was a child, I've LOVED Superheroes and I've always wished I could be one of them. From the two main and biggest companies, my favorite is Marvel (cliche, I know, but I can't help it; they're so much cooler!). Recently, Marvel has been pretty much taking over the world: comics, movies, toys, spectacular TV shows, etc, etc, etc. Daredevil happens to be one of those fantastic TV shows (even though they're only on Netflix, not on TV) and Charlie Cox, who plays the main character and his alter ego, is coming to the con! Oh Ehm Gee I am so excited! 

He's such a cutie pie! I will for sure attend his panel and take lots of pics!

4- The Walking Dead
This show very quickly became my favorite current TV show because it is so amazing...even though this season they're kind of lagging a lot. Anyway, most of us that love the show have also come to love (or love to hate) the newest -and sexiest -baddie: Negan!

Just look at that sexy fox! Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not unknown in the nerd world of course, for he has played roles in the likes of Supernatural, Watchmen, The Losers (with my other love, Chris Evans), amongst many, many others. This man is delicious and makes Negan look more like a sexy god than a baddie. I will try to control my ovaries while sitting in his panel -and while getting a photo op with him!

Although I am not as into Daryl (or Norman) as many other girls are (my TWD love is Rick), I absolutely love him as a person. He's funny, sweet, quirky, and he loves animals! Also, Daryl is a super badass that makes the show that much better. So, I will definitely be attending his panel!

5- Various 
My list of fandoms is very extensive, so I will try to keep the rest of this a bit shorter. 

Paul Wesley from "The Vampire Diaries". Many, many years ago now I started watching this show in order to fill the void from True Blood being on break (so yes, a long time ago), and when I watched that first episode, I fell in love with this man. I went crazy looking him up online, trying to learn his name and all he's ever been in so I can never stop looking at him. I even used to have a twitter account called @paulinfatuated, because that's what I was: infatuated with him. Anyway, I've had the amazing pleasure of meeting him once before and he was the sweetest, most polite vampire ever. I am, however, still very excited that he will be in attendance to this con for I will be flailing and fangirling all over the place with him.

Caleb McLaughlin

Gaten Matarazzo

These cutie pies from "Stranger Things" will also be in attendance. I gulped that entire first season up in about a day and half (along with the rest of America) and fell in love with it. I'm very excited to see these two amazing young actors talk about their experiences on filming this fantastic show. 

Whoah. That ended up being a pretty extensive list after all...and that's not even the whole guest list they have SO FAR (yes, they will be adding more as time gets closer!). As you can see though, I am very excited about attending this con once more and I will be fangirling all over the place this year too!

Stay tuned for more updates on MegaCon as time gets closer to May!

Ready to buy your tickets already? Head on over to their website and purchase them! With this amazing guest list, they'll be running out soon I'm sure! 

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