MegaCon Tampa Bay Is This Weekend!

This weekend coming up is the second MegaCon in Tampa Bay and Once Upon a Twilight will be there to cover it! Make sure you stay tuned for the recap (also make sure you follow us on Instagram to watch our story throughout the weekend!). We are so incredibly excited to be covering this con for you guys and to get to see some of the guests that are attending, what cosplays the fans come up with, and hopefully some of the after parties and events, too. 

Last year, their first ever, they had none other than David Tennant! And, also, Billie Piper! I personally couldn't attend, but it must've been so amazing to see the 10th Doctor and Rose together again!! This year, though, we are having plenty of Doctor Who actors attend too! We are having the always amazing and fabulous John Barrowman 

and the amazing lady who played my favorite character in the show: River Song, Alex Kingston. I've seen them both before, but I can never ever get enough of them.

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will also be attending! Jay and Silent Bob together once more! I can't wait for that panel! It's going to be so much fun! I actually met Kevin Smith once in San Diego Comic Con, and he's a super sweet and down to earth guy. 

Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) from Stranger Things will be there. This fandom has quickly become a big one with a huge following (me included!), and, even though I've seen these two before, it'll be so much fun to see them again! They were such a blast in the panel I saw them at last time (MegaCon Orlando in May of this year). 

Ian Somerhalder is also attending! I can never get enough of this guy! I've seen him about 3-4 times, yet I can never grow tired of him (because who can get enough of those gorgeous eyes?). He's such a gorgeous and special human being, inside and out. This time, though, I am getting my photo op with him (I couldn't last time I saw him). PS: Paul Wesley was signed up, but cancelled...yet again. He did the same thing for MegaCon Orlando in May. I am mad at him now!

But, the best news of all! Stan Lee is coming back to Florida and he's going to be helping raise funds to help the victims of hurricane Irma down in the keys. In light of the recent natural disaster, Stan Lee will auction off experiences and items that money cannot buy, including a one-on-one meal with Stan The Man himself, and artwork from his personal collection. The auction will happen on Friday, September 29 during his panel at MegaCon Tampa Bay. 

I can't wait to see if they announce more guests! In any case, the ones going are already amazing! I am so stoked for this weekend, you guys have no idea!

See you guys there!

(Don't forget to get your tickets, if you haven't already!)

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