Movies Anywhere: Gone Girl Review

Can we talk about how amazing Movie Anywhere is? At last all my movies are together! I don't have to worry whether the my movies are available in whichever current streaming platform I'm using. Movie Anywhere is available with all platforms, retails, and most studios like Disney and Universal Studios.

I was given the opportunity to test run this app with Gone Girl and boy did I love it! I was able to get access the movie on my Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV Stick and also on the PlayStation using Vudu. How amazing is that? When I received the invitation, my first thought was, OMG FINALLY! And truly, it is the answer to our movie lover prayers.

So not only did I test my streaming platforms, but I also tested the app on my iPad, my iPhone and my Chromecast. I was able to move from one room to the other without stopping the movie. I loved that experience. Especially since you don't want to miss out on the memorizing scenes of Gone Girl. The woman is a psycho yet brilliant.

As you all may know, Gone Girl was released in 2014 and the story follows Gillian Flynn’s third novel. The story of Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike), a woman who mysteriously disappears from the house she shares with her husband Nick (Ben Affleck) in North Carthage, Missouri on their fifth wedding anniversary. As Nick expresses, or lack of, concern for his missing wife than one might expect, and as the clues are being placed together, he becomes the main prime suspect of her disappearance.

The cast for Gone Girl is remarkable. The story is well told, sharp and unsettling as the novel with excellent performances all round. The main structure of the book remains the same in the movie along with the ominous and ironic message that Nick and Amy ultimately deserve each other. It's a movie that book lovers and movie-adaption lovers would finally agree in.

So if you haven't watched Gone Girl and haven't downloaded Movie Anywhere, this is the perfect way to start streaming your movies anywhere!

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